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Promotion of tungsten carbide corrugating roller

for many years, the quality of corrugating roller has been perplexing domestic carton enterprises. In December, 2001, at the Shanghai Everbright corrugated packaging exhibition, Friese introduced the cobalt containing tungsten carbide corrugated roller to China, which brought a refreshing feeling to the domestic carton factory for the first time; In June, 2002, at the Paris International corrugating industry exhibition, the internationally renowned corrugating roller manufacturers introduced various high-quality corrugating rollers, among which tungsten carbide corrugating rollers took the lead; In late 2002, several large-scale carton enterprises in China began to import tungsten carbide rollers; Until February this year, Shanghai DASONG (corrugated roll) Industrial Co., Ltd. began to officially introduce tungsten carbide corrugated roll to the market, becoming the first manufacturer of tungsten carbide corrugated roll in China. Whether the spring breeze of tungsten carbide corrugating roller can blow? How to choose suitable equipment all over China? Please see the application of tungsten carbide roller in China

domestic applications and solutions

Haining Tingxi Packaging Co., Ltd. previously selected a domestic ordinary corrugated roller, which was frequently replaced due to its low quality and low service life. Through general understanding, we learned that tungsten carbide corrugated rollers have long service life, high precision and good after-sales service, so we bought a pair of German flying wire tungsten carbide corrugated rollers in 2002. Overall, the effect and service life are OK. The only thing I think is that the price is relatively high. Mr. Zhuo of Haining Tingxi Packaging Co., Ltd. said that this pair of tungsten carbide rollers is equivalent to the price of two pairs of domestic ordinary corrugated rollers. One year after purchase, it was polished. Since it is imported from abroad, the grinding must be sent abroad, which is not only expensive, but also takes a long time. It is the only regret to buy this pair of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers. If the tungsten carbide corrugating roller has the repair ability in China, the after-sales service keeps up, and the overall price drops a little, the prospect should be good

coincidentally, Shanghai Shenjiang carton Co., Ltd. purchased a pair of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers in 2003. The service life of rollers used by Shenjiang carton Co., Ltd. in the past was about 6million long meters. The tungsten carbide corrugating rollers purchased in 2002 are the first pair of tungsten carbide corrugating rollers researched and developed by Shanghai DASONG (corrugating rollers) Industrial Co., Ltd. After using it for more than a year, it is obvious that the wear of tungsten carbide roll is very small, and its service life is relatively long. It has not been replaced for two years. Compared with the frequency of replacing the roll every half a year before, the service life of tungsten carbide roll is much longer, and there is basically no wear. Tungsten carbide rollers are indeed expensive, but Mr. Ouyang, who was interviewed, calculated this account for us: in terms of price, tungsten carbide rollers are 2.5 times that of ordinary corrugated rollers. If they have been used for a year and a half, ordinary rollers have been replaced for 2-3 times. But judging from the current situation of Shenjiang factory, this pair of rollers purchased in 2002 can still be used for one year. In this case, although the one-time investment is large, it is still worth considering in the long run. Moreover, the human, material and financial resources delayed by roll replacement are inestimable. After the replacement frequency is reduced, the loss in this regard is correspondingly reduced. Mr. Ouyang believes that although the one-time investment of tungsten carbide roller is relatively large, there is still a large market space, and the key is that the process must be mature. However, tungsten carbide roller has many advantages and disadvantages. According to Mr. Ouyang, because the hardness of the roller is relatively large, the noise when working is also greater than the original corrugated roller

for the problem of high noise mentioned by Mr. Ouyang, Mr. Lin of Shanghai DASONG (corrugated roller) Industrial Co., Ltd. thinks that the noise is related to the equipment, and the second may also be due to the first pair of trial produced tungsten carbide corrugated rollers, and there are still some immature places in the processing. As the first manufacturer of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers in China, Mr. Lin of Shanghai DASONG believes that the production equipment that affects the quality of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers is world-class equipment; The price is also relatively more in line with national conditions; In addition, because DASONG has a good understanding of the industrial and mining conditions of domestic carton factories, such as the large sand content of domestic paper, it is closer to the domestic production demand in terms of technology. Therefore, Mr. Lin believes that this is the reason why the tungsten carbide corrugating roll of DASONG is more suitable for the domestic market than the imported roll

by 2004, after the concept that the development of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers is expected to be completed in 2020 has been popularized, Zhejiang Huangyan Shidai carton factory also bought a pair of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers from BHS at the beginning of this year. In the view of Chen Rong, general manager of times carton factory, the heart of corrugated board production line is single-sided machine, which is not only the first key part affecting the quality of paperboard, but also the key to controlling the cost. The corrugating roller is the core of the single-sided machine, which is the most important, so choosing a suitable corrugating roller is an important problem

at the beginning of 2004, times carton factory purchased imported tungsten carbide tile rollers, which has been used for nearly a year, and it is far higher than the expected value, and even has the feeling of value for money. Mr. Chen said: "In terms of performance, the use of tungsten carbide coating ensures that the corrugating roller has sufficient hardness. With this premise, it is possible to produce corrugation shapes that are conducive to improving the strength of paperboard, without considering that the designed corrugation shape cannot withstand the friction of core paper. The rock shaped corrugation and the lip shaped corrugation of German BHS company that have been on the market at present are developed from the simple classification of the original U-shaped, V-shaped and UV shaped corrugation, which can make the paper give full play to its maximum." The shape of the physical index

in terms of price, 1600 yuan purchased by our factory × 305 it is less than 40000 US dollars to replace metal with composite materials for imported tungsten carbide, which is 2-3 times the price of large domestic manufacturers. However, from the perspective of overall service life: the service life of imported tungsten carbide corrugated rollers is 35million meters, while the service life of domestic corrugated rollers is only 8million meters. Then the price of a pair of imported corrugated rollers plus the cost of one repair is equal to the cost of two pairs of domestic corrugated rollers for work hardening repair. The price is basically the same, but in terms of paperboard quality, imported tungsten carbide tile rollers can maintain unity in terms of corrugated height and quality, while domestic tile rollers can have good quality paperboard when they are newly purchased or newly reground, but there is a certain amount of processing volume and corrugated height is high, which wastes the shrinkage rate of core paper and increases the cost. After 2 to 4 months of operation, the domestic corrugating rollers are worn, the corrugation will become low, and the quality of paperboard will decline, which will eventually affect the business development. "

Manager Chen of times carton factory also pointed out that because of the hard tungsten carbide coating, at the same corrugated height, the tungsten carbide corrugated roller can make the corrugated shape steeper, that is, from the original U-shaped to UV shaped, to V-shaped. In short, reducing the arc of the corrugated tip can greatly reduce the shrinkage of the corrugated core paper. For general AB double tile paperboard, there are two core papers, with a reduction of 3% on each side, and there is a profit margin of 6% shrinkage per square meter of paperboard

of course, the machinery manufacturers can provide us with the corrugated type with less corrugated shrinkage for the carton factory to choose, but the buyer must consider clearly, because different corrugated height, corrugated distance, corrugated tip radian and different medium height have different effects on the flat pressing strength, edge pressing strength and puncture strength of the cardboard. We must carefully select a good equipment supplier, join the common corrugated base paper of the factory, and negotiate with the engineer, Choose the most favorable corrugated tooth type. We must avoid one-sided pursuit of the lowest corrugated shrinkage. The tooth shape is set to be very sharp, and the lowest corrugated core paper can be used. In the process of rolling and forming, the paper cannot be formed smoothly, and the medium pressure explosion is produced. The consequence is that the gain is not worth the loss, or the grade of core paper should be improved

expert opinion

the quality of a cardboard depends on temperature, pressure and glue. The hardness of a piece of cardboard is soft or hard. In addition to the gram weight of the base paper, the biggest correlation is the ridge height and ridge type. Lenggao has national standards and specifications, with little difference. However, from the early U-type, V-type and UV type to the current V-type improved type (that is, there is an extra water drop shaped space on the tip of the ridge, which is conducive to glue and paper saving). The manufacturing technology of corrugated rods has also developed from early plating and soldering, to hardened plating and soldering coating, to tungsten carbide coating, to the latest NT coating. However, tungsten carbide is not widely used in China. The reason is that China is still unable to produce by itself and completely depends on imports. It may take six months to nine months to order or repair at a time. In addition, the import and export procedures are complicated, and the unit price of tile sticks is 2 ~ 3 times that of domestic brands So that it cannot be popularized

however, since the establishment of BHS Shenzhen office, the vigorous promotion of BHS has gradually opened the market for tungsten carbide corrugated rollers in China. Why tungsten carbide has such great charm? I think it is related to the following reasons:

* generally, the thickness of soldering coating is about 50 wires, and the service life of all standards will be revised to about 10000 meters. For tungsten plating, the thickness is about 15 ~ 20 wires, and the service life is guaranteed to be more than 20million meters. Generally, it can reach more than 35 ~ 60 million meters under normal use

* the hardness of plating and soldering is about 52 ~ 55 degrees (HRC), while the hardness of tungsten carbide plating is about 58 ~ 62 degrees. The hardness of the corrugated roller plated with tungsten carbide is higher than that of the corrugated roller plated and branded, so it is relatively not easy to wear, and the corrugated shape is not easy to deform

* corrugated rods rely on steam for heat transfer, and the upper and lower corrugated rods squeeze each other to shape the core paper. Therefore, the corrugated rod must be able to withstand high temperature and high pressure, and the heat resistance of tungsten carbide is more than twice that of plating and soldering. In terms of pressure resistance, the hardness is higher than that of plating and soldering, which naturally becomes a better choice

* if the roll body is treated by neutron heating (spray coating), the hardness of the roll body is higher Longer life

source: Global corrugated box industry

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