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EPI universal price, Yanxiang mall IPC

in midsummer August, this quarter, Yanxiang mall continues to bring you many gifts and discounts, new product specials, hot sales promotions, registration, orders, and other activities ~ endless exquisite gifts, endless industry lowest discount prices, the latest and most advanced industrial control new products and solutions are only in Yanxiang mall Oh ~

monthly boutique discount, EPI universal price ipc-810 is only sold for ¥ 3580, Each customer is limited to 5 sets

Yanxiang EPI technology is more stable, reliable and reinforced:

ipc-810 adopts Yanxiang patented EPI technology, which makes the bus technology more stable, reliable and reinforced compared with the gold finger connection adopted by traditional industrial computers. The golden finger is easy to oxidize. In dusty, humid and vibrating environments, the golden finger connection is easy to be blocked and oxidized. Poor contact affects the stability of the industrial computer, and the edge connection affects the reliability of the industrial computer. PCI cannot support PCI 3.0 bus expansion, ATX power supply expansion, and system management. And Yanxiang EPI bus technology:

⑴ the European connector is used to replace the gold finger connection, 360 degree contact, sealed and dustproof, solid structure, anti vibration, can withstand a certain gravity, and ensure the stability and firmness of the connection

⑵ the closed connection mode makes the whole machine have good shock and dust resistance. European connector adopts steel pin sealing connection, with good electrical characteristics. Not easy to be corroded or oxidized

⑶ EPX bus CPU card can support PCI 2.3 specification expansion and has good compatibility. At the same time, some gold finger slots are reserved on the base plate, which is convenient to be compatible with the function board of the customer's gold finger

⑷ definition of EPI bus ps-on#, 5V s2since 2007, we have begun to study the steps as above. For physical metallurgy BS (2a) and other signals, the 12V power supply has five pins that can withstand 7a current, which can support the ATX power supply to supply power from the backplane, avoiding the control connection between the backplane and the mainboard when using ATX power supply

⑷ optimize the PCI routing and isa routing of the backplane, shorten the routing from the bus PCI signal to the PCI expansion slot, reduce the distributed capacitance on the signal line, greatly improve the quality of PCI and isa signals, and ensure the reliability of the system

product features:

patented EPI bus motherboard, which represents more than 160 industry-leading enterprises from all over the world to greatly improve the reliability in complex working environments

p8400: dual core dual thread low-power CPU, the main frequency is 2.26g, and the TDP power consumption is only 25W

on-board 1g/2g DDR2 Memory

super large storage: 500g sata

whole machine reinforcement: there are stiffeners pressed on both sides of the chassis, Greatly improve the strength of the chassis

easy to open the cover: there is a handshake position at the back of the cover, which is convenient for the cover to pull out

emc: the folded edge design of the optical drive part is close to the chassis, and the anti radiation ability is strengthened

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