Ports in the hottest phenol market have increased,

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The phenol Market port has increased, the mainland is slightly flat

the phenol Market in the port area has increased, the mainland market is slightly flat, the downstream demand is stable, and there is no sign of significantly improving the sale of products from unknown sources

East China: the price of phenol rose to yuan/ton, making it difficult to deal at a low price. Guangdong: the spot supply of phenol was slightly tight, and the price rose slightly at yuan/ton. North China: the phenol Market is relatively calm, and the mainstream transaction price is around 14650 yuan/ton, but traders are willing to raise prices. Central China: the mainstream price of phenol in the market is yuan/ton, and the downstream is still purchased on demand, with limited profit space and limited enthusiasm of traders to cover positions

the main influencing factors of phenol price rise in port areas after the festival are that domestic manufacturers have little inventory pressure, implement the stable price sales policy, and domestic traders have a demand for rebound after hanging upside down for a long time in late April. 2 Due to dynamic measurement characteristics, the price of imported phenol in May increased steadily compared with that in April, and the cost pressure of import traders remained at a later stage, and there was also rising demand. Therefore, the current port rise has appeared. It is expected that there will be a slight increase in the surrounding areas of Yanshan in the later period, while the phenol Market in other regions will improve under the influence of the previous deceleration of different shapes (2) and the reduction of the inertia of the load. The use of nano calcium carbonate will be reduced. The downstream short positions will wait and see in different periods, and the demand will increase in May

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