Position C of the hottest UPM concept car appeared

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UPM concept car "position C" appeared at the Expo, attracting major media to focus on the

upm biofore concept car

"the first ticket to the exhibition is actually a car from Finland?"

"a car turned from a tree can reach a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour"

"the first exhibit of the Import Expo arrived in Shanghai. It turned out to be it!"

(November 5, 2018), the first China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as "the Expo") was grandly unveiled under the attention of thousands of people, and these amazing titles point to the unique exhibits from UPM - the biofore concept car that breaks through the tradition of industry and materials

on the first day of entering the Expo, the booth of UPM attracted thousands of people to watch. They all wanted to see the real face of this magical concept car, and were more excited about sitting in the cab and touching the magic of biological materials

Such repetition

before the UPM booth, Zeng an, the Greater China business director and senior consultant of DuPont sustainable solutions department, believes that the crowd is constantly flowing

although previously this mini car has attracted an exclusive interview with the new molded composite materials used by the TV station for solid components, and has made two consecutive "top" reports on bright paper and online edition; But in just one day, it has received the warm attention of nearly 100 media, which can be said to be in the spotlight for a while

mayuanyuan, director of stakeholder relations of UPM special paper industry, was interviewed by Hunan Satellite TV

although before the meeting, one of the most influential original financial media in China - the interface had already made a warm-up report on the biofore concept car, detailing the innovative material technology behind the car and the sustainable vision beyond fossil fuels; On the day of the grand opening of the Expo, they still continued to track the story that the biofore concept car became the first entry exhibit, and praised this "car of the future" that embodies technological innovation and the trade achievements of the two countries as a typical example

Wang Jue, senior environmental Commissioner of UPM special paper industry, was interviewed by the media

and Xinhua news agency, the national news agency, introduced the magical concept car in the report. As the report said, this important exhibit "fully integrates Finland's outstanding enterprise achievements and scientific and technological innovation, and reflects a beautiful and dynamic Finland". The official "this is Finland" of the Finnish investment agency during the "1025" period also took it as a recommendation to promote it to all global guests

Mr. Pekka Hautala of Helsinki University of applied technology introduced the biofore concept car to Xinhua News Agency

the current political masters in recent years are surging, and they are not willing to be outdone. With the theme of "a car turned from a tree" as the theme, they have successfully attracted countless eyes, not only revealing the technical innovation of the biofore concept car in detail, but also presenting the advanced concepts of forest industry behind it in an all-round way, Professional environmental science media such as eco China have joined the attention force

media friends also came to "test drive" in person after the interview.

"paper giant cross-border car building" with the high attention of the Expo, it also received the focus of two major industries - paper industry and automobile - media. The media have followed up and reported on this concept car that broke through the imagination of the industry, while China Communications News, ATC Automotive Technology Conference Official account of the transportation and automobile industry, such as traffic news and tide observation, are concerned about this "new energy vehicle" "The cross-border people in the field are quite curious, and even the information center of CCCC Enterprise Association, which used to focus on the information of the Ministry of transport, reported.

they competed to watch the biofore concept car.

in addition, not only the official media such as China Import Expo and customs release, civil aviation of China, but also the most influential local media in Shanghai, including Xinmin Evening News, Fang, Shanghai business, also favored the biofore concept car and joined the reporting army one after another

in the face of such "c-place" attention, I believe that it is not only this car, but also UPM biofore – beyond fossils advocated by UPM will continue to shine on the stage of the Expo

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