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XCMG lw800k large tonnage clamp loader port construction sidelights

XCMG lw800k large tonnage clamp loader port construction sidelights

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"In the past five thousand years of history, China has always been synonymous with leadership, excellence and glory. More than a hundred years ago, the Chinese nation went through a short detour. We face up to the trough of 100 years of history, but the excellent Chinese nation will not sink to the bottom, and China is bound to return to the peak of the world in all fields."

in the loader industry, XCMG has embarked on a journey to the top at all levels with the mission of revitalizing the national industry. Today, we introduce the story of XCMG's large tonnage clamp loader and foreign products PK -

XCMG lw800k large tonnage clamp loader port construction profile

"zhanchang river water, there are thousands of ports on it". Against the scorching sun and the river wind, we came to China's largest timber transfer port, Looking for XCMG lw800k large tonnage clamp loader with pure "Chinese origin" surrounded by many foreign brands. Witness a PK between made in China and foreign famous brands

"This is the large-scale timber transfer operation area of the port. Each piece of wood is about 10 tons. Previously, two clamp loaders were required to operate at the same time in this piece of wood. This requires high operating skills of the operator, because the two ends of the wood are likely to be overweight, and the lifting height of the pliers should be basically the same. For example, reversing, turning and loading, the action consistency of the two machines is higher, otherwise the wood is likely to fall down. Since then "We need to spend two operators and two machines' oil on one piece of wood, and the efficiency is still very low. The precision of human and financial resources has become the target of the plastic extruder industry. Our operating costs are all our" director Wang calculated an economic account for us. "Now, a XCMG 8-ton clamp loader can be competent for this job by itself, so I only need one operator and the oil cost of one machine. Although the price of this machine is a little higher than that of a 7-ton imported brand loader, the operating capacity can top two, so we can save the price of nearly one car."

in order to prove director Wang's words, we selected a piece of wood with a diameter of more than 1 meter and a length of more than 10 meters, and let this XCMG lw800k clamp loader complete the transfer and stacking operations alone. The machine opens the big pliers to clamp the wood tightly between the two arms, with a low sound, slowly lift it, turn flexibly, and send it to the wood pile 20 meters away, gently put it on it, loosen the pliers and slowly pull it away, and the wood is placed firmly. Xu let the main piston rise by 1 section. The lw800k clamp loader proved its superiority with strength

"The wood is at least 10 tons. The materials used for XCMG lw800k clamp loader are really real. Both the clamp and the boom give people a sense of stability and credibility. The fork design of the clamp is very good, the whole action is smooth and fast, and the boom excavation force is very large. The heavy load alone has far exceeded the imported equipment in improving the overall working level of western developed countries and the Japanese carrier, which is what XCMG has always given us I have the impression that made in China is not inferior to those foreign brands. "Xiaoshi, the post-80s operator who has been driving foreign brand clamp loaders, has his own ideas about made in China. Talking about his operating experience, he even said that XCMG's cab is very awesome." compared with foreign brand XCMG clamp loaders, the cab is much roomier, and the cab is improved, the line of sight is also very good, and the operation is labor-saving and worry-saving "

for a long time, foreign large tonnage clamp loaders have monopolized the timber market along the Yangtze River. As the leader of multi-functional products of loaders in China, XCMG has devoted itself to the research of large tonnage clamp technology, in-depth exploration of customer needs, once again breaking the foreign monopoly, adopting a special clamp body form suitable for large-diameter and ultra long timber, supplemented by lightweight design, and launched XCMG lw800k clamp loaders, It represents the best level of clamping machines and tools in China's loader industry, and always takes genuine materials and strong overload as the long-term design and manufacturing principle, so as to create the best benefits for customers and make the voice of made in China louder in the competition with foreign brands

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