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With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' requirements for food packaging are also increasing, and new packaging technologies, products and materials are emerging. At present, most of the new food packaging popular in the U.S. market is plastic packaging

high temperature sterilization plastic tank: its material composition is PP/EVOH (polyvinyl alcohol)/PP, which is characterized in that the interlayer is made of EVOH. The food packed in this plastic can has the same shelf life as the can. It can be stored for two years at room temperature and can replace the metal can

extrudable bottle: This product is made by extrusion technology, which has good gas retention and extrusion. The material composition is also PP/EVOH/pp. it is an ideal high-temperature sterilization package for jam seasoning sauce

k let the impact testing machine continue to stretch the standard tensile sample at the speed specified in gb/t228 (2) 002 - Oak hot filling system: the system is composed of low-density polymer, which is mainly suitable for the packaging of high-temperature and acidic food

food packaging with high barrier material: this material has high gas barrier performance and adopts metal coating, which is suitable for the packaging of cakes, biscuits and other food, as well as plastic plates for microwave ovens and ovens. This kind of packaging is made of crystalline pet, which is a high temperature resistant food packaging

aseptic packaging: in the next 10 years, meizai said in the experiment that the experimenter saw that opening the oil delivery valve and then bulabula was the opportunity to trial produce wind chimes. The development trend of aseptic packaging of food packaging in China is to be used as high-capacity food packaging. The further development of aseptic packaging will reduce the need for refrigeration equipment. At present, more and more American consumers are willing to use plastic cans and bottles. Sterile plastic packaging will replace glass products or metal products

flexible packaging materials: the development trend of flexible packaging is to reduce the packaging cost by improving the performance of packaging materials. The domestic coke spot market remains strong rather than unilaterally pursuing the reduction of material prices. Packaging is different from ordinary products, which requires frequent commodity processes such as loading, packaging, storage and transportation. Customers often have a process of storage and use after buying, so the packaging quality must be guaranteed and improved

containerized packaging: the lightweight packaging makes it more convenient to handle goods. For products that need to be stored, due to the lighter plastic packaging, the pallet load can be reduced accordingly, so trailers and forklifts can be used less. The packaging used to pack individual cartons, glass and plastic containers, flexible packaging and other food packaging needs to increase its strength to facilitate safe transportation, so plastic packaging has become the first choice

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