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Commonly used techniques in graphic design

(V) bone lattice

bone lattice determines the relationship between the basic shapes in the composition. Sometimes, the bone lattice also becomes a part of the image, and different changes in the bone lattice will change the overall composition

bone lattice is divided into:

1 Regular bone lattice: regular bone lattice has precise and rigorous bone lattice lines, regular numerical relationships, and the basic shape is arranged according to bone lattice, with a strong sense of order. There are mainly repetition, gradual change, emission and other bone lattice

2. Irregular bone lattice: irregular bone lattice generally has no rigorous bone lattice line, and its composition is relatively free

3. Functional bone lattice: functional bone lattice is the boundary that divides the basic shape into their own units. Bone lattice gives an accurate space for image. The basic shape can freely change the position, direction, positive and negative within the bone lattice unit through polymer glue bonding, and even exceed the bone lattice line

4. Non functional bone lattice: non functional bone lattice is conceptual. Non functional bone lattice lines contribute to the arrangement of resins used in basic plastic products and films, but will not affect their shape, nor will they divide the space into relatively independent bone lattice units

5. Repetitive bone lattice: refers to the space units divided by bone lattice lines, which are exactly the same in shape and size. It is the most regular bone lattice, and the basic shape is arranged according to the continuity of bone lattice

appreciation of the effect of the lattice

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