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Shenyang fruit popular small packaging

visiting in Jinan for the new year is famous for the experimental machine fruit gift box, which is affordable and good-looking. Recently, major shopping malls in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, have been competing for the spring festival brand, offering discounts and promotions, and there has been a sound of "price reduction", in sharp contrast to the fruit market. The closer the Spring Festival is, the higher the "rise" sound is. Many consumers are ready to purchase in advance, and they are happy to buy and sell

fruit is indispensable in festivals. Relatives need fruit, as well as fruits for entertaining guests at home. The price of fruit has reason to rise with strict rules

in the same fruit supermarket, sugar oranges with a price of 4.3 yuan/500g were sold a few days ago. Recently, they have been sold for 4.8 yuan/500g. The shopkeeper said that the price has only recently risen, because it has entered the peak season of fruit sales, many consumers have begun to move home in boxes, and the wholesale price of fruit is also more expensive than before

you can buy fruit gift boxes for new year, but the previous fruit gift boxes are too large and inconvenient to carry. Needless to say, high-end fruits are too expensive to eat and easy to rot, so small gift boxes are popular in the fruit market this year. Most of the previous fruit gift boxes were 5kg. This year, 3kg fruit gift boxes are in the majority, and the sales volume is the best. Sugar oranges in 2kg plastic baskets are even more popular

according to Mr. Zhang of the wholesale market, the price of fruits rises every Spring Festival, and the lowest price has to rise by about 15%. Therefore, some consumers rush to buy fruits before the festival, especially some stored apples, pears and the like, which are both economical and affordable. It is understood that many companies have also begun to buy fruits in large quantities at the end of the year when they pay benefits to their employees. Mr. Zhang said that this year, the climate is uneven across the country, and fruit bases across the country have also been greatly affected. The output is also smaller than that in the past according to the National Bureau of statistics, and the price is also high. Last year, fruits of more than 2 yuan and 1 kg were sold for nearly 4 yuan this year

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