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Types and characteristics of wind turbines: special wind turbines

(1) centrifugal throw out wind turbines

this kind of wind turbine uses wind to blow the belt empty 4 According to the stress state of the sample and the application speed of the experimental force, it can be divided into static force and dynamic force. The blades of the experimental chamber make it rotate. The air is used from the blades due to centrifugal force. An air turbine is placed inside the tower, and the turbine rotates to generate electricity. This design was invented by French J. antonillo. After the Second World War, it was built by British fritt cable company. The following figure is the schematic diagram of the wind turbine. It is a unique design that does not directly use natural wind. Due to its complex structure and large friction loss of air flow, its efficiency is very low. This kind of wind turbine has not been manufactured in the future

(2) mobile wing grid wind turbine

it is a sail shaped wing grid shaped car installed on a large circular track (with a diameter of 8-10 kilometers), which rolls along the circular track with the help of the wheels of the wind car, so as to drive the generator connected to the axle to generate electricity (as shown in the figure below). It should be said that this is a generator driven by a speedboat running on the ground, and it seems inappropriate to call it "wind turbine". Because it can generate huge power (10-20 MW on the above 8-10 km diameter orbit), Montana State University in the United States is developing it

(3) four screw wind turbine

this wind turbine is a special device with full digital pulse control in the control mode shown in the figure below. Loosening the tension rope can fold the rotating part of the wind turbine. Because it uses the whirling sail to receive the wind, it is called four screw wind turbine. The 2.5 kW prototype of Saifa wind turbine company in the United States is being tested

(4) lift conveyor wind turbine

the lift conveyor wind turbine designed by D, Sunada of the United States has the principle of overcurrent, overvoltage, overspeed, overload and other protective devices, as shown in the figure below. This kind of wind turbine is equipped with wing like blades on the annular conveyor belt. A row of blades on one side are pushed upward by wind pressure, while a row of blades on the other side are pulled downward by wind pressure. This form is not limited by wind speed like ordinary propeller wind turbine, and it can operate in a wide range of wind speed

Advance with the times

(5) tower less wind turbine

in the 1950s, a 100 kW large-scale wind turbine was built on Orkney Island, England. At that time, the engineer R. mishaus of John Bravin company proposed the scheme of building a 10 MW large-scale wind power generation device. The scheme of this device is shown in the figure below. It uses rollers to support the periphery of the wind wheel, but the structure is relatively complex


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