Popular glass furniture for spring festival clothe

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The popular glass furniture for spring festival clothes in small houses

glass, this ordinary material, because it is easy to break, always makes people tremble, but it is a magic weapon in the eyes of home decoration designers. If the area of the room is not large enough, you can skillfully use glass to broaden your vision, create ice like texture, and make your informants fresh. In today's natural home decoration, glass is an indispensable material in fashionable home decoration

glass material promotes decoration effect

Chen Yongjun, the director of extraordinary decoration design, said that among all home decoration materials, the seemingly inconspicuous glass is the most easily produced material with excellent decoration effect. In spring and summer when the temperature is high, if some glass products are cleverly arranged in the living space of home, it can bring different cool feelings. However, glass furniture does not become one of the "rising stars" and can be placed at will. It is very exquisite in the layout. If the transparent and refractive properties of glass can be used, combined with the indoor light source, it can create a dream like living space

glass furniture adds artistic color

seen in home shopping malls such as red star Macalline and incredibly home, the number of glass furniture is increasing, the shape and color are becoming richer and richer, and the function has become more practical. The glass tea table is the most common glass furniture. The single-layer design has been few, most of which are more than two layers. The shape of the layer is no longer a conventional circle or square. Glass TV cabinets, wine cabinets and even 3. The performance requirements of flame-retardant PP for household appliances have also begun to appear frequently

glass tableware creates a clean space

recently, a glass pot called crystal color transparent pot was also found in the market. This product not only has a crystal clear appearance and is very ornamental, but also allows users to directly see the state of food, adjust the heat at any time, which is convenient and practical

according to the introduction of the merchants, this kind of glass pot adopts the latest American technology and is forged from glass material that is not afraid of the temperature difference between cold and hot. Even under the premise of the temperature difference of 500 ℃, it will not break as easily as ordinary glass, and there will be no safety concerns

purchase suggestions must pay attention to "observing words and colors"

glass household products are made by combining the latest decoration technology with the latest material technology. These beautiful, fashionable, crystal clear household products will bring new aesthetic emotion to household life, but when buying, we must "observe words and colors"

Xiehonghua, the decoration designer of Meichao, said that when purchasing glass household products, you should carefully check the thickness and color of the glass, whether there are bubbles inside, whether the surface and corners are smooth and straight, and so on. Generally speaking, from the side, the quality of colorless glass is the best, the quality of green glass is the most general, the decorative effect is poor, and the price is relatively low

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