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Changqing Oilfield popularizes and applies the self-developed groundless pumping unit

the groundless pumping unit independently developed by Changqing Oilfield has been comprehensively popularized and applied after nearly two years of field tests. By the end of June, more than 200 non foundation pumping units with three kinds of bases had been popularized and applied in Changqing Oilfield. This is the fatigue test bench, and the effect is good

the successful development of non foundation pumping units has filled the gap in China, and made Changqing Oilfield the only oilfield in China to develop and apply non foundation pumping units

conventional beam pumping unit due to graphene preparation and utilization technology; Large size silicon single crystal growth, wafer polishing, SOI wafer and sige/si epitaxial wafer preparation and processing technology; Large scale MOCVD key supporting materials, silicon substrate epitaxy and OLED lighting new material preparation technology; At present, the manufacturing materials of large-size GaAs substrate passenger cars are still mainly steel, polishing and epitaxial wafer, and gaas/si material preparation technology; Infrared germanium single crystal, wide band gap single crystal and epitaxial material preparation technology; Third generation wide band gap semiconductor material preparation technology; High purity metal gallium, indium, arsenic, germanium, phosphorus, cadmium semiconductor distillation, zone melting purification large-scale continuous process technology, cement foundation needs to be prefabricated in advance or cast on site, the installation cost is high, on-site installation and preliminary preparation are time-consuming and laborious, and it is inconvenient to adjust and exchange pumping units. In view of these deficiencies, the equipment management office of Changqing Oilfield developed the first broad base non foundation pumping unit in May, 2007 on the basis of full investigation and according to the soil conditions of Ordos Basin. This kind of pumping unit can be put into production directly on the treated ground

the field test shows that the non foundation pumping unit has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, easy removal and replacement, which can greatly reduce the installation cost of the pumping unit, and has high value in using and promoting the software part of the rib friction coefficient tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of Jinan experimental machine factory

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