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Structure and working principle of single horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer

the frame is the supporting part of the whole equipment, which is welded by channel steel. The mixing device is composed of mixing drum, mixing shaft and mixing shovel, which are fixed on the mixing arm. The medium and long-term energy science and technology development strategy and development plan up to 2020 have been formulated and integrated with the mixing shaft, forming two groups of spiral directions opposite, However, due to the same spiral rise angle as the spiral strip mixing shovel, the gap between the mixing shovel and the inner wall of the mixing drum can be slightly adjusted

the transmission mechanism is composed of a reduction motor and a coupling. The cylinder limit device is composed of a locking pin and a positioning hole. The electrical control system has the functions of start, electric, stop and timing

it is convenient and practical to obtain the experimental data of various materials

working principle, the reduction motor rotates the mixing shaft in one direction through the coupling, and the positive and negative groups of spades on the mixing shaft stir the materials. Due to the role of the spiral rising angle, the spade works to push the materials in the barrel from one side to the measuring side, and then push the materials back to the original place from the measuring side. There are two actions of the automatic continuous production line, so that the materials can be fully stirred, So as to obtain ideal mixing effect

when unloading, stop the machine, open the lock, rotate the cylinder at a certain angle, and press the jog button at the limit position to eliminate the mixture from the cylinder

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