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Structure and function of oil outlet valve

composition of single pump: the single pump is composed of plunger, plunger sleeve, return spring, spring seat, oil outlet valve, oil outlet valve seat, oil outlet valve spring, oil outlet valve compression nut and other parts

1. The structure of the oil outlet valve (1) the oil outlet valve and the valve seat are precision coupling parts made of high-quality alloy steel. Their guide holes, upper and lower end faces and seat holes are processed and ground actively after precise start-up, and cannot be interchanged after matching

(2) main engine maintenance: the cone of the oil valve is the axial sealing cone of the valve, and the cone of the valve slides in the guide hole to play a guiding role. The tail is processed with a notch to form a cross section so that the fuel can pass through. The cylindrical surface in the middle of the oil outlet valve is called the pressure relief zone, which forms a pressure relief volume with the sealing cone

(3) the lower end face of the valve seat and the upper end face of the plunger sleeve are precision machined tight fitting of polybutylene terephthalate, which is compressed by pressing the nut with the specified tightening torque. There is a certain thickness of copper high-pressure sealing gasket between the marks of the pressing nut and the valve seat and the A.B.C mound. There is also a low-pressure sealing washer between the pressing nut of the oil outlet valve and the upper end face of the housing

(4) a slotted reducer is installed in the inner cavity of the oil outlet valve compression nut to reduce the volume of the inner cavity space, promote the rapid spray stop, and limit the maximum lift of the oil outlet valve

2. The function of the oil outlet valve (1) prevent oil dripping before injection and improve the injection speed: when the injection pump supplies oil, when the oil pressure is higher than the preload of the oil outlet valve spring and the residual pressure in the high-pressure oil pipe, the oil outlet valve rises and its sealing cone leaves the valve seat. Only when the pressure relief belt on the oil outlet valve completely leaves the guide hole of the valve seat can the fuel in the pump oil chamber enter the high-pressure oil pipe

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