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Structure and operation method of truck crane accessories

truck crane is a crane that installs the lifting operation part on the chassis of general or special vehicles, and has the driving performance of trucks. In order to meet the requirements of driving in harsh conditions, the truck crane with off-road performance is derived

the anti melancholy crane for automobile lifting has the following advantages:

(1) freedom of movement. Under the allowable conditions of its lifting capacity and overall dimensions, it can undertake most of the lifting work in the whole factory or freight yard

(2) in addition to being used as a crane, it can be equipped with various dragline grab buckets, trenchers and shovels on the boom for other work

(3) fixed structures such as overhead tracks are not required, so capital investment, production cost or maintenance cost can be reduced

(4) it has an independent power device, and there is no need to install feed cables or contact conductive devices

(5) it can put the load on the ground, under the ground or higher than the truck crane. Due to the above advantages, truck cranes are widely used in transportation, construction, mining and road construction projects to load and unload large parts, packages, bulk goods and building components. Especially when the goods are scattered, the quantity of goods sent and received is small or the installation workload is small, and it is not suitable to use the special lifting equipment for collecting and replacing the content once a time, truck cranes are widely used. It can complete large lifting and transportation tasks in a small ground and space. It has the advantages of mobility, flexibility, long range, large lifting capacity and fast driving speed. The refitting of the automobile universal experimental machine requires a high technical capacity in aircraft design, production, system development, experiment, etc. the truck crane has implemented the quality license system to ensure the dredging of water and gas circuits and no leakage of export products. Products without and quality licenses are not allowed to be exported

truck crane is mainly composed of lifting, luffing, slewing, jib and truck chassis. The development of hydraulic technology, electronic industry, high-strength steel and automobile industry has promoted the development of truck cranes. The mechanical transmission truck crane, which is heavy and has a long preparation time, has been replaced by the hydraulic truck crane. The hydraulic system of hydraulic truck crane adopts hydraulic pump and quantitative or variable motor to realize crane lifting and slewing, luffing, boom telescopic and outrigger telescopic, and can act alone or in combination. The motor adopts overheat protection and has safety devices to prevent incorrect operation. Multi gear pump is selected for large tonnage hydraulic truck crane, and the above actions can also be accelerated when merging. Automatic overload safety valve, buffer valve and hydraulic lock are set in the hydraulic system to prevent accidents caused by overload or stall during crane operation and sudden rupture of oil pipe. The truck crane is equipped with amplitude indicator and height limiter to prevent overload or over extension. The drum and pulley are equipped with devices to prevent steel wire rope from jumping

there are many kinds of truck cranes, and their classification methods are also different, mainly:

(1) classification by lifting capacity: light truck crane (lifting capacity is less than 5 tons), medium truck crane (lifting capacity is tons), heavy truck crane (lifting capacity is tons), super heavy truck crane (lifting capacity is more than 50 tons). In recent years, due to the use requirements, its lifting capacity has an increasing trend, such as the large truck crane that has produced tons

(2) according to the type of outrigger: frog outrigger, X-type outrigger, H-type outrigger. Breaststroke outrigger span is 0? It is only applicable to cranes with small tonnage; X-type outrigger is easy to slip and rarely used; H-type outrigger can realize large span and has obvious advantages for the stability of the whole machine. Therefore, H-type outrigger is mostly used in hydraulic truck cranes produced in China at present

(3) according to the transmission mode of the transmission device, it is divided into three categories: mechanical transmission, electric transmission and hydraulic transmission

(4) according to the slewing range of the lifting device in the horizontal plane (i.e. the slewing range of the turntable): full rotary truck crane (the turntable can rotate 360 at will) and non full rotary truck crane (the turntable rotation angle is less than 270)

(5) according to the structural form of the boom: folding boom, telescopic boom and truss boom truck crane

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