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The structure of each component of 35kV control cabinet of large pump station

(I) metal cylinder

(1) it is cast with aluminum alloy and has excellent surface quality into a metal cylinder (see Figure). The inner diameter of the cylinder is 240mm, and the length can be combined and spliced according to different needs


(2) the closed metal cylinder is filled with sulfur hexafluoride gas as the insulating medium. Sulfur hexafluoride gas is odorless, colorless, non combustible, inert and non conductive to avoid affecting the strength test results. It is electric, heavier than air, non-toxic under normal conditions, and has high insulation

(3) each phase of the closed cylinder is connected with one or three-phase connection, and a copper gas pipe is connected with a barometer to monitor the pressure of sulfur hexafluoride insulating gas in the cylinder. The barometer has a limited value contact. When the gas pressure pointer exceeds the specified value (two red pointers), a warning signal of "low pressure" or "high pressure" will be sent

(4) there is a bus bar fixed in the insulating cylinder. 3ah1115 company aims to build material technology into a leading polymer supplier - type 2 vacuum circuit breaker, isolation and grounding three position combination switch, dry-type wound voltage transformer, and a specially made string core current transformer is installed outside the cylinder

(II) operating mechanism

1 The operating mechanism of vacuum circuit breaker

3ah1115-2 vacuum circuit breaker has dual functions of electric energy storage and manual energy storage. Its main structure includes energy storage motor, energy storage spring, closing coil, opening release, tripping signal, limit switch, etc., and DC 110V voltage is used as the working power supply. Chongqing casters

2 Isolation and grounding three position switch operating mechanism

since the isolation switch and grounding switch are the same group of switches (see Figure), a transmission shaft is used. In order to avoid misoperation and ensure the reliability of operation, two sets of hand operating mechanisms are used to restrict each other and drive the transmission shaft of the switch respectively

3. The interlock device

does not mean that it meets the standard. Electromechanical interlocking is adopted between the two incoming vacuum circuit breaker and the connecting vacuum circuit breaker, and only two circuit breakers can be closed at the same time. All disconnectors can be opened and closed only when the associated circuit breaker is in the opening state. When the circuit breaker is closed, the associated disconnector cannot be operated no matter in the opening or closing state. If it is forced to operate, the related circuit breaker will trip and cause misoperation


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