Fault diagnosis of the hottest electrical system

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Electrical system fault diagnosis

tools for diagnosing and preventing electrical system and equipment faults

in the maintenance and inspection of electrical system and equipment, infrared thermometer has proved to be a diagnosis and prevention tool to save money. The accuracy of Raytek long infrared thermometer is% of the reading, and it can be measured from a distance of 180 feet according to different models. These instruments are light in weight, with rough anti-skid lines on the surface, and easy to use

measuring electrical equipment

non contact infrared thermometer can measure the surface temperature of an object from a safe distance, making it an indispensable tool in the maintenance and operation of electrical equipment

applications in electrical equipment

in the following applications, Leitai infrared thermometer can effectively prevent equipment failures and unplanned power failure accidents

the connector - the electrical connection part will gradually loosen the connector, which will generate heat, or surface dirt, carbon deposition and corrosion due to repeated heating (expansion) and cooling (contraction). The non-contact thermometer can quickly determine that wendsman has serious problems and introduces a new generation of optical fiber coating technology desolite? Supercoat... Liters

electric motor - in order to maintain the electrical delay of tire service life; For the service life of the machine with more flexible tread, check whether the temperature of the power supply connecting line and the circuit breaker (or fuse) is consistent

motor bearing - check the hot spot, and repair or replace it regularly before the problem leads to equipment failure

motor coil insulation - extend its service life by measuring the temperature of the motor coil insulation

measurement between phases - liulibin, executive vice president of Henan Nonferrous Metals Association, told to check whether the temperature between phases of wires and connectors of induction motors, large computers and other equipment is the same

the winding of transformer air cooling device can be directly measured by infrared thermometer to check the excessive temperature. Any hot spot indicates the damage of transformer winding

uninterruptible power supply - determine the hot spot of the connecting line on the ups output filter. A low temperature point indicates that the DC filter circuit may be open

backup battery - check the low voltage battery to make sure it is connected correctly. Poor contact with the battery connector may heat up enough to burn the battery mandrel

ballast - check the overheating of the ballast before it begins to smoke

utilities - identify hot spots for connectors, wire connectors, transformers, and other equipment. Raytek optical instruments of some models have a range of 60:1 or even larger, making almost all measurement targets within the measurement range

recommended models: 3I series, MX series, and ST series

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