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Wind power and nuclear power have made breakthroughs, and the momentum of renewable energy has not decreased.

the government work report set the tone for the development of new energy as "strengthening overall planning, stopping solar energy, and what are his use skills and protection and maintenance? Next, I will introduce the use skills and protection and maintenance of bellows ring stiffness testing machine, and the blind expansion and development of wind power and other industries", For renewable energy such as hydropower and nuclear power, it is emphasized to actively develop and develop safely and efficiently

this statement caused heated discussion in the panel discussion of the two sessions. Relevant parties said that the momentum to stop the blind expansion of new energy should be limited to the manufacturing sector, and the entire industry will continue to develop at a steady speed

in fact, a series of recent policy developments also show this. The 12th Five Year Plan for renewable energy, including wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation and hydropower, has put forward the target number of installed capacity that is several times higher than the current one. In 2012, the national energy administration will also start the construction of a new batch of projects as planned, and the resumption of the approval of new nuclear power projects is imminent. Analysts generally expect that the further expansion momentum of the renewable energy market will not shrink in the foreseeable future

wind power will add more than 100 billion investment

at the national energy work conference at the beginning of this year's purchase of tensile testing machines, Liu Tienan, director of the national energy administration, said that the second batch of 15-18 million kW wind power projects will be launched as planned this year, and the first batch of solar photovoltaic power projects will be launched with a scale of 3 million KW

Qian Zhimin, deputy director of the national energy administration, said recently that it is the manufacturing sector that must stop the expansion, and the wind and photovoltaic power generation applications will not slow down

Zhang Guobao, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and former director of the national energy administration, told the China Securities Journal that since the country first implemented an overall plan for the development of new energy last year and launched the first unified planning project for wind power, the domestic wind power generation has increased by 41% over the previous year, reaching 73.3 billion kwh, with a significant increase in growth rate. The combined installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation reached 2.14 million KW, and the consolidation rate reached 71.3%. Moreover, the overcapacity in the field of wind power and photovoltaic equipment manufacturing has also been effectively dredged. All these indicate that the government's policies and measures to strengthen overall planning, standardize and guide the development of the new energy industry have achieved initial results and should be further promoted in the future

with the start of a new batch of project construction, the new market of wind power and photovoltaic power generation will be further expanded. Market analysts said that in preparation for the company's entry into the European market, if the current comprehensive cost level of 7000 yuan/kW for the construction of wind turbines and wind farms is calculated, the project scale of nearly 18 million KW will add 126 billion yuan of wind power market investment, of which equipment manufacturing accounts for half. Based on the current 1900 hours of equipment utilization and the average electricity price of 0.57 yuan/kWh, the wind farm operators will add 19.49 billion yuan of power generation revenue this year

in terms of solar photovoltaic power generation, under the new project planning of 3million kW, based on the average module purchase price of RMB per watt of domestic operating power stations, it will drive the investment scale of photovoltaic modules of RMB 21 billion to 27 billion

the restart of nuclear power will activate 40 billion equipment orders

Wang Binghua, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, said in response to a question on the 10th that new domestic nuclear power projects will restart earlier this year, and inland nuclear power projects will continue to develop actively

Li Ye, director of the science and Technology Equipment Department of the national energy administration, previously said that the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan had led to the cancellation or suspension of more than 40billion yuan of domestic nuclear power equipment orders in China. With the restart of nuclear power projects, the market share of plastic flexible packaging in the industry is expanding step by step. It is estimated that these orders of 40 billion yuan are expected to be activated first

the head of China first heavy nuclear power told China Securities News that the order volume of China first heavy alone that stopped delivery after the nuclear accident in Japan reached 2billion yuan. At present, the company has begun to contact the owner of nuclear power to discuss the re execution of the order contract

although it is still unknown whether the medium and long-term goal of nuclear power development scale by 2020 is 60million kW or 80million kW, many institutions have predicted that if China's commitment to the world that non fossil energy accounts for 15% of primary energy consumption by 2020 is calculated, the installed scale of nuclear power will need to reach at least 70million kW by 2020

under this installed scale, it will bring a market cake of at least 400billion yuan

analysts pointed out that hydropower will play a major role in the development of renewable energy. According to the plan of the national energy administration, 20million kW hydropower projects will be started this year, which will bring more than 140billion yuan of new investment

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