The hottest wind and rain for five years, win-win

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Five years of win-win and extraordinary

five years of win-win and extraordinary | degradable plastics have great sales resistance at present and have been officially recognized by Zhongliang - two more joys to the Jiabaoli honor wall

May 13, 2021

strong forces work together to create extraordinary

in the moment of glory, gather in the middle beam

along the way,

garberry and Zhongliang real estate have always adhered to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results

from first acquaintance to strategic cooperation

work together towards the common goal and create value coatings

on May 11, the 2021 Zhongliang real estate group supplier conference with the theme of "juyao Zhongliang co win extraordinary" was grandly held in Shanghai

after winning the "excellent supplier of war mining cooperation" of Zhongliang real estate in 2020, as a long-term cooperative brand ally, garberry won two other awards - "Liang material award" · excellent material and equipment unit and the long-term cooperation award of Zhongliang real estate group

△ garberry won the "long-term cooperation" award of Zhongliang

△ "excellent material and equipment unit award" and "long-term cooperation Award"

Zhongliang real estate is a large-scale comprehensive real estate developer with rapid development, which is rooted in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and has a nationwide layout. With excellent product quality and high-quality customer service, Zhongliang real estate ranks among the top 20 real estate development enterprises in China. In 2020, Zhongliang real estate achieved a contractual sales amount of 168.8 billion yuan, exceeding the annual target; The total revenue reached 65.94 billion yuan, an increase of 16.4% year-on-year

△ "highlight Zhongliang, win-win extraordinary" 2021 Zhongliang supplier conference

in recent years, Zhongliang's product strength has also continued to improve, which has been widely praised by customers and industry experts inside and outside the industry, and has won the "industry breakthrough brand award", "China real estate innovation product strength Award", "China real estate industry product strength benchmarking enterprise" and other honors for many times. This is the honor of Zhongliang and the win-win honor of more than 200 cooperative allies behind Zhongliang

since its establishment, Zhongliang has adhered to the values of "openness, development and creation; consensus, sharing and sharing", and has attracted many high-quality suppliers with strong strength, good reputation and willing to share with Zhongliang to achieve and create value together

△ Zhongliang real estate group has brought great difficulties to the production organization of lead and bismuth smelting in the workshop as a partner wall

2021 is the fifth year of strategic cooperation between garberry and Zhongliang real estate. Over the years, Carpoly has never stopped paying attention to and investing in R & D and innovation. Up to now, it has important scientific research platforms such as national enterprise technology center, national recognized laboratory, Guangdong engineering technology research and development center, and "supports" a perfect product system with hard power to help each excellent partner

△ Jiabaoli dajiantu products

at the event site, Lu Tian, vice president of Zhongliang real estate group, said that Zhongliang is committed to building a win-win supply chain partnership, has successively issued a series of preferential policies, and looks forward to working together with partners to win in the future. Caojian, assistant president of Zhongliang real estate group, elaborated on his good expectations for deepening cooperation in the future from the aspects of cooperation awareness, cooperation mode, cooperation depth and breadth

△ Lu Tian, vice president of Zhongliang real estate group, made a speech

on the scene of the conference, Zhongliang specially selected and awarded many awards, such as "Liang pin Award - excellent design unit", "Liang CE Award - excellent marketing unit", "Liang Cai Award - excellent material and equipment unit", "long-term cooperation Award"

with the concept of win-win and co creation with partners, garberry group won two awards, namely "excellent material and equipment unit" and "long-term cooperation Award". This not only represents Zhongliang's recognition of its partners, but also the original commitment of both sides to win-win cooperation by appropriately increasing the sectional size of the gate

△ garberry won the "excellent material and equipment unit" award of Zhongliang

in the future, garberry dajiantu will continue to deepen the cooperative relationship with Zhongliang with sincerity and confidence, expand the business scope, help Zhongliang grow and give back to the society with excellent products and services, and work with those with strength to achieve win-win development

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