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Williams olefis US ethylene plant force majeure continues

November 26: introduction of wil Jinan gold assay material testing machine manufacturer in geismar, Louisiana, USA C) the distance between the external surface of the tested product and the test chamber wall should be kept at least 100 ~ 150mmliams olefis chemical plant continues the force majeure encountered by ethylene in October, resulting in a sales distribution rate of 0% in November

the letter of force majeure issued on October 15 wrote: "as of today, we still estimate that the earliest date for the resumption of production of ethylene plant is before the end of November. It is expected that ethylene will maintain the original zero distribution in November."

according to relevant news, it is expected that the ethylene supply of the plant will reach the peak in mid December, and the plant must be disassembled and replaced. Gasmar replied that it is expected that the ethylene production capacity of the plant will expand by 600million pounds/year, with a total of 1.95 billion pounds/year (885000 tons/year)

williams owns about 66% of the shares of Williams partners L.P. earlier, Williams partners L.P. announced that it was expected that the gasmar olefin plant would start producing and selling ethylene in November, and the timeline was consistent with the financial guidance provided by the partners in July

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