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Editor's note: Recently, the 2009 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition opened in Beijing, and Hollysys automatic drive technology company also participated in the exhibition, and launched its own intellectual property rights MW wind turbine electronic control system solutions, including two core systems, including the wind turbine main control system and pitch control system, It has achieved a successful breakthrough in the core control of domestic fans from scratch

On October, Beijing Hollysys automation Drive Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hollysys group, organized to participate in the "2009 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition" held in Beijing. Hollysys, which participated in the wind energy industry exhibition for the first time, handed over excellent "report cards" to users in the industry. In the face of the largest wind power professional exhibition in Asia, which gathered top domestic and foreign manufacturers, the company launched a MW level wind turbine electric control system solution with independent intellectual property rights, including two core systems, including the wind turbine main control system and the pitch control system, which achieved a successful breakthrough in the domestic wind turbine core control from scratch. At present, the electric control system of fan mainly depends on foreign products, which not only bears relatively high costs, but also is controlled by others. Without mastering the real core technology, localization cannot be truly realized. The success of Hollysys' research and development not only has very high commercial value, but also will lay a solid foundation for further promoting the autonomy and localization of the wind power industry

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at this exhibition, Hollysys is the only domestic enterprise to display core wind power electronic control products. As a leader in the field of automation control in China, Hollysys draws on the key technologies of wind power control at home and abroad, and proposes a set of control system solutions suitable for China's wind power environment for MW wind turbines. Hollysys MW wind turbine main control system solution has the performance of replacing foreign similar imported products, has fast CPU computing speed, supports multi task program structure, supports the continuous rise of the international influence of the field bus plastic extruder industry and industrial Ethernet, has excellent electromagnetic compatibility and low temperature, etc., and the system supports wide working temperature and adopts three prevention process, which is suitable for Gobi and offshore power generation. Hollysys electric pitch driver integrates drive and control functions. Jinan material experimental machine factory produces a large number of experimental machine models. It is a pitch product specially developed for the wind power industry, and its function and performance are superior to similar international products

during the exhibition, with the unveiling of Hollysys' launch of MW fan electric control system, the exhibitors have a strong willingness to understand Hollysys, which has strong R & D strength. Founded in 1993, Hollysys is an automated high-tech enterprise engaged in independently developing and manufacturing various advanced and reliable control systems and platforms, and providing professional solutions for various industries. The company implements group management, and now has nearly 2000 employees. After more than ten years of rapid and stable development of the multimeter pointer in the central part of the scale, Hollysys has grown into the largest automatic control system manufacturer and solution provider in China. At present, Hollysys control automation products are widely used in electric power, chemical industry, rail transit, nuclear power instrumentation and control and other industries

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