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It will take at least three years for willow glass to start mass production

data collection of thermal insulation strip tensile strength testing machine. The core device adopts the new American ultra-high precision 24 bit AD

according to the report of the new york times some time ago, Apple seems to be developing a smart watch with curved glass, and the curved glass used in this watch is likely to be the latest willow glass released by Corning company. It can avoid the role of thermal bridge to the greatest extent

previously, Corning predicted that willow glass would be able to use plastic windows, doors, skeletons and even more key auto parts this year. Plastic is being used in consumer products, but now it seems that Corning's expectation is a little too optimistic. According to the report of Bloomberg on Thursday, the president of Corning revealed in an interview that it will take at least three years for willow glass to start mass production. At present, the ability to use willow glass to manufacture products is very limited. In other words, if the news of the New York Times is reliable, Apple's intelligent watch device (iwacth) will be difficult to come out in the next three years

during the interview, the president of Corning was asked about Apple and willow glass, but he refused to comment. Corning and apple have been cooperating for many years. At present, the glass used in iPhone and iPad is gorilla glass from Corning

any aspect of Zhonghua glass may affect the success or failure of the experiment and the experience of the experiment itself ()

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