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Win tens of millions of orders! XCMG intelligent V series loaders help the time-division color mine with increased green clearance or poor processing accuracy

win tens of millions of orders! XCMG intelligent V-series loaders help green mines

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on November 21, the batch delivery ceremony of XCMG V-series loaders was held in XCMG large tonnage loader intelligent manufacturing base. Dozens of lw500kv loaders delivered to a large coal industry group in Northeast China are all used for coal loading and unloading, and intelligent equipment helps green mines

XCMG intelligent V series loaders help green mines

ingenuity quality, intelligent equipment

strive to build its own brand. Yang Dongsheng, general manager of XCMG group and general manager of XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division, extended a warm welcome to the visit of the customer and his delegation. President Yang believes that both sides have a common construction goal - green mine. Taking the bulk delivery of XCMG V series loaders as an opportunity, more in-depth cooperation will be carried out at a higher level in the future

group photo

it is reported that the group conducted research and evaluation on many domestic and foreign brands before batch procurement, and selected XCMG V series loaders

jiangliqiao, deputy general manager of XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division, delivered a speech

new era, new ideas and new development. Inspired by the spirit of the 19th national congress, XCMG will focus more on their respective fields, pay close attention to their main businesses, adhere to the road of innovation, adhere to green development, and comprehensively share the benefits and achievements brought by scientific and technological progress

Mr. Zhan, head of the mining group, is full of confidence in the cooperation between the two sides

"Our group has maintained good cooperation with XCMG for many years, and XCMG equipment has made outstanding contributions to the development of our group. This batch purchase of XCMG V series loaders is not only the recognition of XCMG brand, but also the recognition of the quality of XCMG V series Loaders' green energy saving, efficient intelligence and excellent performance. We believe that the cooperation with XCMG loaders will be more sustainable and in-depth." In his speech at the delivery ceremony, Mr. Zhan, the head of the mining group, was full of confidence in the cooperation between the two sides

delivery ceremony

the working environment of coal mine is dusty, and the loading operation requires frequent conversion of equipment, which requires high performance and flexibility of equipment. The climate in Northeast China is cold, and the loader should operate at low temperature for a long time. In order to better meet these needs, XCMG has gone deep into the coal mine for many times, carried out field research, dug deep into customer value, and recommended XCMG lw500kv loader to customers. This car adopts customized production, with larger bucket capacity and higher unloading. Therefore, intelligent management can be realized on the IOT platform. It is a representative model of China's high-end loaders. The technical introduction of fuel oil toothbrush tension tester can reduce the consumption by 20%

keep pace with the times and green development

in 2017, XCMG V-series loaders fully implemented the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", made major breakthroughs in domestic and foreign markets, and made remarkable achievements, which strongly supported XCMG loaders to create greater value for customers. Its energy-saving and environmental protection features are recognized by many customers. It is widely used in coal, steel and other major fields

In order to fully implement the new development concept and the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization in the mining field, and accelerate the transformation and green development of mining industry have become the mainstream development trend of mining enterprises. XCMG V series loaders, together with mining enterprises, shoulder the responsibility of building green mines and promoting social progress, grasp opportunities, meet challenges, and contribute to the construction of green mountains and green waters in the country

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