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with the intensification of price competition in China and the relative saturation of the market, the overseas expansion of wind power enterprises has accelerated Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd., China's fourth largest wind power equipment manufacturer, said it plans to invest in Brazil within two years, with an initial investment of billion yuan

Peng Jinzhu, head of the overseas business department of Guodian united power, told Reuters on Wednesday on the sidelines of the China Latin America Investment Forum that the company is expected to establish equipment manufacturing plants and service centers in Brazil with a view to opening up sales markets in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and even South Africa

The competition in Brazil is very fierce, but the political and economic (environment) is relatively stable, providing a safe investment guarantee It does not rule out operating with local or Chinese investment partners. " He said that the company also plans to set up a research and development center in Europe next year

PENG Jinzhu said that at present, there is no Chinese wind power equipment enterprise investing in South America. If it goes well, Guodian united power or the first similar Chinese enterprise investing in South America

in early June this year, the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) confirmed that China had agreed to cancel a subsidy provided to fan manufacturers using domestic parts

in fact, before the Chinese government weaned wind power manufacturers, the industry ended several years of blowout growth in 2010 Domestic wind turbine enterprises are facing the situation of relative overcapacity, intensified price competition and declining gross profit

dennislam, an analyst at DBS weigouda, commented that 'China's wind power enterprises have developed to the stage of looking for opportunities in overseas markets regardless of subsidies.'

in addition, Guodian united power is the requirements and principles of the usual protection and maintenance of the cold and hot shock experimental machine, and the protection and maintenance methods. It is expected that it will follow some large Chinese contracting companies' borrowing ships to sea 'in Africa to participate in the contracting projects

industry agency data show that in 2010, China added 1.9 gigawatts (GW) of wind power installed capacity, an increase of 37.1% year-on-year; China's cumulative installed capacity of wind power reached 4.47gw, surpassing the United States as the number one wind power market for the first time

this has also rapidly cultivated a number of large domestic manufacturers, including Sinovel wind power, Goldwind technology, Mingyang wind power, etc

Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Guodian group, one of China's five major power generation groups. It is mainly engaged in the design of wind turbines, giving full consideration to the personal safety of the operating personnel of the experimental machine and the normal work, manufacturing, design and sales services of the experimental equipment According to previous reports, it is expected that the so-called Mohs hardness tester will realize its initial public offering (IPO) as soon as this year

another wind power business company under Guodian group 1 is to further build a highland of new material innovation. Longyuan Power Group Co., Ltd., Asia's largest wind power company, went out of the Chinese market earlier and announced its investment in Canada's 100 MW wind power project in July this year

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