The hottest wind power blade will become a pastry,

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Wind power blades will become "fragrant cake"! In the future, it will be large-scale, lightweight and intelligent

"Wind power and composite materials are 'perfect match', and the advantages of composite materials such as light weight, mass molding and low cost have become irreplaceable main materials in the wind power industry, ensuring the large-scale and rapid development of the wind power industry. However, compared with developed countries, China's wind power industry has a short development period, fast growth rate and insufficient technology accumulation, especially the combination of industry, University and research and the transformation of technological achievements." Zhang Boming, Secretary General of the China composite society, said at the "Fourth China International Wind Power composite Summit Forum" held on March 30 that he hoped to increase investment in research and development funds for the wind power industry, continue to develop high-tech achievements at the international advanced level, and meet the development needs of China's wind power composite industry

composites are of great significance in reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

with the rapid increase of wind power generation power, wind power blades are developing rapidly towards large-scale, light-weight production of various needle punched nonwovens with glass fiber expansion function, quantification and intelligence. In order to improve the technical level and manufacturing level of wind power blades, and promote the application of high-performance composites in the field of wind power, It has become a general trend to meet the needs of global wind power blade development in the future. With the increasing number of wind turbine warranty periods, the demand for fan blade operation and maintenance business is also increasing. How to face the huge market demand has become a problem in front of manufacturing enterprises

in recent years, China's wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises have made a series of explorations in the intellectualization and digitization of wind turbines. There have been many practical achievements in improving the power generation capacity of wind farms, but they have encountered a bottleneck in the reduction of the cost of wind power, which is due to the development of blade technology. Under the new situation, the weight reduction, load reduction and noise reduction of blades are inseparable from the support of composite materials

"The integration of blades and the whole machine to achieve high-quality development is the fundamental principle followed by united power. United power is not only the world's leading wind power manufacturer, but also a leading blade R & D and manufacturer. It produces more than 1000 sets of blades every year, and has formed a 'Trinity' operation mode of design, manufacturing and operation and maintenance. It has mature technology in blade module design, anti freezing technology, blade lengthening and other aspects, and is also exploring the intelligence of blades Operation and maintenance. " Chu Jingchun, chairman and general manager of Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd., said that the development of low wind speed areas in the middle and Southeast and offshore and overseas wind power has provided us with a broad market space. It also requires that the blades be longer, lighter and have better performance. They should also be suitable for complex terrain and high-altitude maintenance. Length measuring instruments such as micrometer, micrometer, length measuring instrument, universal tool microscope Measuring microscope equidistant transportation, etc., which put forward higher standards and requirements for the research, development, production and design of blades

facing the new era, innovation is the first driving force for high-quality development. China's wind power has entered a period of steady development, with the main theme changing from manufacturing to creation and from scale development to quality development. Composite materials must comply with the development of the times and strengthen R & D collaborative innovation. In the development stage of new blades, based on the advantages of all parties, we should jointly research and develop high-quality products, strengthen production collaborative innovation, improve the process matching of composite materials, blades, complete machines, etc., establish an information interaction platform, speed up the inventory turnover rate, and achieve lean efficiency; Strengthen service collaborative innovation, quickly solve problems, establish a high-quality service image, and make composite materials become the pacesetter in the development of wind power

composite material suppliers have a long way to go.

the rapid development of the wind power industry poses a severe challenge to composite materials. Composite materials are the core materials of wind power blades, and high-performance composite materials are the main body of blades. Materials determine the cost, performance and price of blades. Therefore, improving material performance and optimizing process are the main ways to reduce the cost of blades

"blades are an important carrier of composite materials. New materials reduce the cost of blades on the premise of ensuring quality. How to use new materials, new processes and new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of blades, reduce costs and increase capacity, and develop more reliable and environmentally friendly blades is the common goal of the wind power industry." Wang Xin, general manager of Sinoma wind power blade Co., Ltd., said that by the end of last year, Sinoma had achieved a cumulative sales installed capacity of more than 32 gigawatts, and its products have operated stably in 15 countries and regions around the world. Sinoma blades have been recognized by the market with leading technology and high-quality quality, and continue to rank first in the market

on the one hand, the performance and stability of domestic composites are further improved, with cost-effective advantages

on the other hand, domestic materials still have insufficient innovation ability, and there is still a big gap compared with foreign advanced composite manufacturers

it should be said that reducing cost and increasing efficiency, lightweight, environmental protection and solving blade quality problems are the requirements of the market and customers for wind power composite materials, and wind power composite material suppliers must provide practical solutions

what cannot be ignored is that at present, there are still insufficient attention and Research on materials and processes. Many raw material suppliers feel that they provide materials and the process is not their own. This concept should be broken. Composite material suppliers provide semi-finished products, so the material forming and process procedures of factories are also inseparable from the characteristics of materials. Therefore, it should be an important work for material suppliers to study the impact of different processes on material properties and recommend the best process parameters

liubaofeng, Secretary General of the wind power engineering composites Professional Committee of the China Composites society, believes that under the new situation, there are four main aspects of the demand for innovative composite friction and wear testing machines that do not include external materials

first, the innovative development of new types of performance pouring resins

second, research and development of high-performance natural fiber materials

third, research and development of new concept blade protection materials

fourth, Lubrizol, a self repairing composite material, has more than 40 years of utilization experience in the medical industry

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