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Wind power equipment manufacturing industry urgently needs to "eliminate fire and strengthen the body"

workers install solar panels on the top floor of the China Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo. According to the on-site engineering and technical personnel, each of these solar panels has an area of about 1.3 square meters, a total of 1264, of which ~80% comes from mesoporous contributions in the sunny ideal strip; The existence of azo bonds and phenolic hydroxyl groups in the material structure makes the material have good hydrogen bond composition ability and metal chelation ability. Under this condition, the power supply for the China Pavilion is about 300 kwh per hour

disordered industrial layout, lack of core technology and insufficient R & D capacity

under the financial crisis, the new energy industry is pregnant with new economic growth points, and it is also the strategic commanding height of a new round of international competition. In recent years, the Chinese government has continuously strengthened its support and incentive measures for the development of new energy. As one of the new energy sources with the most commercial potential, wind energy has been pursued by local governments and power giants

according to the data of China Wind Energy Association, the installed capacity of wind power in China will reach 100million kW by 2020, which creates a huge development opportunity for the wind power equipment manufacturing industry. However, China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry has long suffered from stubborn diseases such as disordered industrial layout, lack of core technology and insufficient R & D capacity. Before the "big cake" of the market, the wind power equipment manufacturing industry should be vigilant against overheating investment, and take the leading enterprises as the guide to get out of the dilemma of "big but not strong"

wind power development expedites market cake

under the financial crisis, all countries in the world hope to lead their countries out of the economic trough by developing new energy industry. At present, China is working hard to formulate the new energy revitalization plan, and there are various speculations about its draft. Although there are different opinions on the draft, the total investment in new energy in China will reach trillions of yuan, of which wind power will account for a large proportion has become a foregone conclusion

at the "high level Forum on the development of wind power industry" held in Nanjing a few days ago, hedexin, chairman of the China Wind Energy Association, said that "by 2020, China's installed wind power capacity will reach 100million kW, and the power generation capacity is equivalent to five Three Gorges."

wind power development is mainly divided into onshore wind power and offshore wind power. At present, China's onshore wind power has begun to take shape, and offshore wind power is breaking the problem. In the next few years, both onshore and offshore wind power will enter a period of rapid development

in 2008, the installed capacity of new wind power in China reached 6.246 million KW, with an increase rate of 89%, ranking second in the world. The latest data from the wind energy professional committee of China Renewable Energy Society shows that by the end of 2008, China's installed capacity of wind power had accumulated about 12.153 million KW, becoming the fourth largest wind power market in the world

according to insiders, the newly installed capacity of wind power in China will double in 2009, and its proportion in the total newly installed wind power in the world will increase to more than 33%. According to the current development speed, China will catch up with Spain and Germany all the way, and the installed capacity of wind power is expected to reach 30million kW in 2010, leaping to the second place in the world. Because the development of offshore wind power is starting, almost 100% of the installed capacity of wind power in China before 2010 was onshore wind power

in June this year, the National Energy Administration organized and held the "offshore wind power development and construction coordination meeting" in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. Shi Lishan, deputy director of the renewable energy department of the national energy administration, said at the coordination meeting that the national energy administration will determine three to four powerful wind power enterprises to build offshore wind power development demonstration projects in the near future, and establish a competition mechanism to accelerate the standardization construction and technological progress of offshore wind power

according to the evaluation of the Energy Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, China's offshore wind energy resources with a water depth of 10 meters are about 100million kW, offshore wind energy resources with a water depth of 20 meters are about 300million kW, and offshore wind energy resources with a water depth of 30 meters are about 490million kW. Offshore wind power development has broad prospects. With the large-scale development of wind power, China is becoming one of the most important Wind Turbine Markets in the world

there are three disadvantages in the manufacturing of wind power equipment

the data of China Wind Energy Association shows that in just a few years, China's wind power machine manufacturing enterprises have expanded sharply from 6 in 2004 to more than 70. In addition, there are more than 50 wind blade manufacturers and nearly 100 tower manufacturers. Calculated from the production capacity of the enterprise, it has exceeded the market capacity

Zhang Xiangmu, director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, introduced at the 6th Asian Wind Energy Conference and China International Green Energy Forum that only about 20 domestic wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises have mature products offline, and other enterprises are still in the construction and product testing stages. By 2010, more than 70 enterprises will be completed on the current scale. After the capacity is fully released, the annual output of wind power equipment will reach 35 to 40 million KW. In the next ten years, the construction speed of wind farms in China may be maintained between 15million and 20million kW per year. Therefore, wind turbine manufacturing enterprises are facing inevitable fierce competition, and the wind power equipment market is bound to usher in a brutal buyer's market

through the introduction of foreign manufacturing technology, Ningxia has independently developed and manufactured core components, formed the industrialization of megawatt wind turbines, and began to enter mass production. By 2010, Ningxia will achieve an annual production capacity of 300 1MW wind turbines, and the wind power equipment manufacturing business is expected to achieve an operating revenue of 1.5 billion yuan

according to a number of industry insiders, in addition to the initial exposure of overcapacity, the domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry also has three major drawbacks, including lack of core technology, confusion of industry standards, and insufficient R & D capacity

due to the lack of core technology, most of the key parts are in the hands of foreign parties, and the industrial expansion is controlled by others. In recent years, the technical capacity of wind power equipment in China has been greatly improved, but due to the lack of core technology, key parts are controlled by others. The supply of bearings and electronic control systems is still the bottleneck of the industry development, and domestic enterprises are still unable to produce independently on a large scale. Because the supply time and cycle cannot be guaranteed, the production progress will be affected, thus affecting the expansion of enterprise scale. When foreign suppliers raise prices, domestic enterprises can only passively accept them

the wind power equipment manufacturing industry lacks professional and compound talents, and its independent research and development ability is insufficient for a long time. Wind power equipment manufacturing is a comprehensive high-tech industry integrating aerodynamics, machinery manufacturing, generators, power electronics, automatic control and high reliability design. Due to various reasons, China has not established a professional wind power technology research and development institution, and lacks a talent training system from design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation management, which is difficult to meet the needs of the current rapid development of wind power. In general, China is still in the stage of tracking and introducing foreign advanced technology in the R & D capacity of wind turbine

there is a lack of strict supervision on the entry standards and testing standards of wind turbines and wind farms. Due to the lack of strict supervision on the entry standards and testing standards of wind turbines and wind farms, the power curve, power quality, active and reactive power regulation of most wind turbines are particularly intentional. The performance and low-voltage ride through capability of wind turbines have not been tested and certified, and most of them do not have the above performance and capability. The wind turbines that operate have a great impact on the safe and stable operation of power

it is urgent to get out of the dilemma of "big but not strong"

the large-scale development of wind power provides a good opportunity for wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises to take advantage of the market cake to nourish and get out of the dilemma of "big but not strong"

insiders believe that wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises should remain rational in front of the market cake and avoid blind investment in capacity expansion. At present, the development of wind power in China has ushered in an inflection point. On the basis of quantity, we must work hard on digestion, absorption and independent innovation in order to achieve a qualitative breakthrough. Only by mastering the imported technology and owning its own new technology can we avoid being controlled by others and achieve sustainable development. Especially in the development of offshore wind power, the requirements for wind turbines are higher. In this regard, domestic enterprises have not yet mature products to compete with foreign giants. It is more necessary for industry leading enterprises to take the lead in product research and development, and create independent brands with market recognition and excellent quality as soon as possible

due to the characteristics of long cycle and high risk of wind power industry investment, the state should give strong support in the autonomy of wind power equipment. For example, the country should promote the development of wind power equipment industry from the aspects of laws and regulations, testing and certification

in this wave of wind power development, offshore wind power will account for about 20% by 2020, that is, 20million kwh. However, offshore wind power technology has not been mature in western developed countries for a long time, while China is still in its infancy

according to the investigation, the unit capacity of offshore wind turbine is larger, more than 2 MW. At the same time, offshore wind power has stricter requirements on the corrosion prevention of wind turbines, and any defect will cause the shutdown of the units

at present, China's wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises are in the research, development and experimental stage in the field of offshore wind turbines. Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind power project is the first offshore wind power project in China. The fans used in this project are all products of foreign enterprises. "Since the efficiency of wind turbines manufactured by some domestic wind power manufacturers is only about 20% to 30% of that of foreign products, there are many hidden dangers in domestic equipment for large offshore wind turbines." The head of the Technology Department of a large power generation company said

industry experts said that first of all, wind power research should be included in the national science and technology development plan, and special funds should be arranged to support it. Support domestic scientific research institutions to improve their innovation capabilities, introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment, speed up digestion and absorption, and form independent innovation capabilities as soon as possible. At present, it is difficult to implement the localization proportion regulations. Domestic wind power plants are willing to use foreign equipment, which cannot be blamed on users. There is a process to improve and identify localization quality, and fan manufacturing enterprises still need to work hard on independent innovation

the second is to strengthen the investment in scientific research and personnel training. At present, there is a lack of specialized wind power research institutions in China, and there are serious deficiencies in the key technologies in wind farm construction and equipment manufacturing, public technology research through systematic experiments, and the construction of detection and certification system. As soon as possible, relying on research institutions and enterprises with strong development ability, establish a national technology development center for complete fan and parts, increase capital investment and give key support. Change the methods of tax exemption for the import of complete machines and parts, restrict the import of complete machines, and provide import tax exemption for parts and components that cannot be produced in China, so as to encourage gradual localization and encourage foreign companies to transfer the manufacturing technology of complete machines to China, so as to achieve the purpose of better digestion, absorption and innovation. Through cooperation with foreign countries, we can quickly digest innovation in order to form independent intellectual property rights in the future. (Ye Chao)

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