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Is it difficult for wind farms to make profits

on July 15, the data released by the national energy administration showed that by the end of June, the average utilization hours of wind power equipment across the country were 1002 hours, an increase of 16 hours year-on-year. Industry insiders predict that from the current situation, the average utilization hours of wind power equipment this year is expected to exceed 2000 hours

this year's profitability may be better than that of last year

compared with the same period in previous years, the utilization hours of 1002 hours is not bad, and this is achieved under the condition that the cumulative average utilization hours of power generation equipment across the country have decreased by 151 hours year-on-year. However, there are also some uncertainties in the second half of the year. For example, after entering the new heating season, it is unclear whether the large-scale operation of cogeneration units will squeeze the utilization hours of wind power equipment. An analyst of CIC consultants said to

according to insiders, the utilization hours of power generation equipment refer to the indicators that reflect the utilization degree and level of the production capacity of power generation equipment. The higher the utilization hours, the more fully the equipment is used, and the lower the fixed asset investment amortized per kilowatt hour, that is, the faster the fixed asset investment is recovered under the same electricity price. As the regulatory department of the power industry, it is also concerned about this index because it can be used to examine whether the power system dispatching organization has achieved fair dispatching

for a long time, the utilization hours of wind power equipment have been considered to be closely related to the profit and loss of wind power development enterprises. In 2013, the average utilization hours of wind power equipment in China was 2080 hours, the highest level since 2005. In 2014, affected by many factors such as bad wind conditions, the average utilization hours of wind power equipment nationwide fell back to 1905 hours

a wind farm related person in Hebei told that 2000 hours was a watershed for the wind farm. If the wind power plant presses the printing paper into the roll paper warehouse this year and the average utilization hours of the equipment exceed 2000 hours, it can basically safely ensure the profitability of the wind farm. Of course, due to the differences in investment, operation and maintenance management of various wind farms, the profit and loss points are also slightly different. Some wind farms can make profits by using 1900 hours of equipment. The person said

however, the reply received from many wind farms is that they all predict that the profitability of this year will be better than that of last year, but they are worried about the profitability of next year

good profit data is really good.

according to the data of the national energy administration, as of the end of March this year, the cumulative capacity of wind power across the country was 101.07 million KW, and the goal of the 12th Five Year Plan for wind power was achieved ahead of schedule. The global wind energy council predicts that the global installed capacity of wind power will reach 50 GW in 2015, and China's installed capacity of wind power will continue to lead the world

the operating efficiency of wind farms is closely related to project investment, power generation, electricity price, operation and maintenance management and other factors. At present, with the mature development and full competition of the wind power market, there is little difference between the project investment and management costs. Therefore, power generation, electricity price and CDM subsidies have become the key factors affecting the benefits of wind farms

a wind farm related person told that at present, there are two decisive factors for the profits of the wind farm: one is the abandonment of wind power, and the other is the price of electricity

since it is not easy to damage the benchmark price of onshore wind power reduced by 2 cents at the beginning of this year, the rumors that the benchmark price of wind power will be further reduced have not been stopped. Wind power is a policy sensitive industry. Once the electricity price policy changes, it will have a significant impact on the healthy development of the whole industry and the profitability of wind power enterprises. In addition, with the overall power demand slowing down, some regions still give priority to ensuring the utilization hours of thermal power. Therefore, we hope that relevant policies will further tilt towards renewable energy such as wind power, so as to ensure the priority scheduling and integration of renewable energy such as wind power. A person in the wind power industry said to

it is learned that the construction of a wind farm with 100000 kW instruments and equipment for experimental operators requires an investment of about 500 million yuan, accounting for slightly more than half of the equipment investment. It will take about 8 years to recover all the investment. Although the cost was recovered in the later stage, with the aging of the equipment, the wind turbine entered the high failure period, and the operation and maintenance cost increased sharply, which will dilute the profits of wind power developers to a great extent

according to a relevant person, since last year, the wind power industry has fully recovered, but it is still difficult for wind power development enterprises to make profits. In the early stage, some projects, either promoted by local governments or for the purpose of seizing resource areas, are not economical

with the expansion of the overall installed capacity of wind power in China, China's wind power has entered the stage of optimizing the layout and improving the quality. This is in macro terms, corresponding to it. Specifically, in micro enterprises, it is to improve the power generation efficiency of wind farms, improve profits, make wind power profitable, and have real market competitiveness compared with traditional energy. The person from a wind farm in Hebei said

industry experts also said that the substantial increase in installed capacity does not represent high utilization efficiency and good economic benefits, and wind power consolidation rate and enterprise profitability should be emphasized. Therefore, the development of wind power should especially prevent the situation of beautiful construction data and ugly profit data

the improvement of power generation efficiency has entered the refinement stage

for the wind farm, the first is to solve the problem of wind abandonment, such as the proposal to speed up the delivery channel, which mainly depends on the external environment, and the second is to tap the potential and increase efficiency from within the wind farm. By reducing the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour, improve the power generation efficiency, safety and reliability of the whole power plant, and achieve continuous profit growth

at present, all efforts of wind power developers, wind power machine manufacturers, and third-party service providers point to the same goal: reducing the cost of kWh and improving the power generation efficiency of the whole wind farm

with the widespread use of high-power generator sets, it is difficult to simply improve the power generation efficiency by increasing the single machine capacity. To a greater extent, it is necessary to rely on technological innovation and management innovation to achieve the refinement of power generation efficiency. An industry observer told

Goldwind technology, a leading wind turbine manufacturer, released a number of new technologies at this year's China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition, which focus on improving the power generation efficiency of the entire wind farm. Its new wind turbine products are no longer limited to the overall optimization and improvement of single machines, but combined with a package of value promotion strategies with the whole wind farm as the investment unit, to raise the customer customized service business model of the domestic wind farm investment market to a new level

the relevant person in charge of a wind power industry chain enterprise in Shenzhen said that they independently developed a new inclined shaft wind turbine, whose power generation efficiency is more than three times that of the same power level shaft unit. As soon as the technology was released, it immediately attracted the attention of wind power developers. It can be seen that at present, wind farms are interested in improving power generation efficiency through new technologies

Sany Heavy energy, which focuses on the whole industrial chain, is trying to improve the power generation capacity and efficiency of wind turbines through innovative methods, intelligent optimization and integrated control that integrate the advantages of direct drive and doubly fed technology

with the rise of big data and energy interconnection, wind farms have found a new way to improve power generation efficiency. The relevant person in charge of an information company serving the new energy industry told that big data and energy interconnection can play a major role in wind resource location, wind power prediction, wind farm operation and maintenance and many other aspects. Through the relevant data system, the health status of wind turbines can be monitored in real time, effectively reducing the failure rate of the entire wind power system

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