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KP and Alba started the PET recycling pilot project in Germany

klockner pentaplast company and Alba company in Berlin, Germany have reached an agreement. At present, the center has put forward a series of requirements for printing consumables to transform the mode of economic growth, and decided to jointly invest in an integrated PET bottle recycling pilot project in eisenhuttenstadt, Germany. The newly established pet-co co Co., Ltd. with an investment of 5million euros (US $6.5 million) will be managed by Klockner pentaplast. Pet-co will use the patented technology transferred by Klockner pentaplast in the United States to process PET film, food, general-purpose thermoforming, carton processing and packaging, and other technical applications. Klockner pentaplas' investment in the recycling plant is a measure towards the practice of sustainable operation, and is the main behavior of self-3 experimental equipment to achieve the 36% recycling goal set in the German packaging regulations

alba wertstoffmanagement Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Alba group, will be responsible for the collection and classification of PET beverage containers. The 1500 square meter (16000 square foot) plant will produce 15000 tons (33million pounds) of sheets and create 30 new jobs. The pet-co pilot plant will be launched in the first quarter of 2007. The operating standard of the unit will be the same as the high quality standard (ISO 9001:2000) adopted by KP film production unit. All raw materials will meet national and European regulations/standards for consumer and safety requirements

Jo kreuzburg, chief operating officer and President of Klockner pentaplast in charge of Europe and Asia, explained: "as a world-renowned film manufacturer, Klockner pentaplast is proactively meeting the challenges of resource utilization, environmental impact and sustainability, and taking the lead in identifying and implementing solutions."

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