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Zoomlion skill master studio "camped" Vocational College

Zoomlion skill master studio "camped" Vocational College

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on May 14, the launching ceremony of the skill master docking activity of Hunan equipment manufacturing enterprise school was held in the multi-function lecture hall of Hunan Institute of industry and technology. The theme of this activity is "promoting the spirit of craftsman and boosting the system so that the oil pressure will not fall sharply and build a strong province", which is guided by Hunan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and Hunan Provincial Department of education, and jointly organized by Hunan Machinery Industry Association and Hunan Machinery and equipment vocational education group with Hunan Industrial Vocational and technical college. Long Weiguo, senior technician of Zoomlion, Li Chuanquan and other 22 skill masters from the equipment manufacturing industry in the province participated in the event

at the launching ceremony, long Weiguo, a provincial model worker and a senior technician of Zoomlion Heavy Engineering crane company, and AI Aiguo, a national model worker and a senior technician of Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., jointly unveiled the established skill master Studios - "long Weiguo skill master studio" and "AI Aiguo skill master studio"

as an alumnus of Hunan Vocational College of industry in 2001, long Weiguo shared with his classmates his experience and experience of continuous learning and growth after graduation. He hoped that more and more young people could learn and carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, work hard, be professional and dedicated in ordinary positions, and achieve an extraordinary craftsman life

after the launching ceremony, the leaders of relevant vocational colleges and patent industry teachers held face-to-face discussions with enterprise skill masters, focusing on the management methods of enterprise skill master studios in vocational colleges, the effective ways for skill masters to connect with vocational colleges, and the specific promotion work after the launch of skill University Enterprise school docking activities, and preliminarily reached a number of intention to build skill master studios

this activity is carried out against the background of Hunan's need to build a strong manufacturing province with talent support, speed up the training of high-tech skilled talents, and create a "craftsman Hunan army", striving to promote the "craftsman spirit" in the equipment manufacturing industry in the province, strengthen school enterprise cooperation, and deepen the integration of industry and education. The activity will explore ways of cooperation through face-to-face exchanges between schools and skill masters, and build bones in Hunan Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, including skill masters, national model workers and provincial model workers. At this time, virtual instruments are no longer the sharing platform for instrument dry and part-time teachers in the usual sense, so as to provide technical and skilled talent support for the development of Hunan equipment manufacturing industry and boost the pace of manufacturing a strong province

after the activity, long Weiguo and Li Chuanquan started the practical teaching and communication with students of related majors at the first time

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