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Zoomlion "Guwang" pq45 - "king of machine harvest of rice"

Zoomlion "Guwang" pq45 - "king of machine harvest of rice"

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recently, at the 8th China (Jiangsu) International Agricultural machinery exhibition, Zoomlion "Guwang" pq45 rice combine won the "Gold Award for exhibition products", and its product performance was recognized by industry experts

fully hydraulic drive, leading the technological upgrading

compared with the world's advanced countries, the crawler chassis of rice harvesters of domestic enterprises has low technical content and low degree of serialization, and there is still a certain gap in manufacturing and design. As the chassis is mainly used for paddy field operation, the chassis should meet the requirements of simple, small, light body, good trafficability and strong propulsion

Guwang pq45 rice combine harvester, which has been upgraded in technology, uses automobile manufacturing technology and full hydraulic chassis drive technology to solve the defects of low harvest efficiency caused by slow walking, large turning radius and easy entanglement of grass of traditional rice harvester. At the same time, this product adopts imported hydraulic components and operating handles of international famous brands, with high reliability, high clearance and wide track trafficability. It can turn at differential speed and turn around in place, especially suitable for the harvesting operation of deep muddy foot fields

value experience of ultra wide, ultra large and ultra strong

the "Guwang" pq45 full hydraulic rice combine harvester with a number of leading technologies has also been labeled "ultra wide, ultra large and ultra strong" globally in the user's experience of using the technical characteristics of the pendulum type film impact tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd

the unique feeding auger design of the industry, such as electrical and/or thermal conductivity, mechanical reinforcement, barrier performance, transparency, etc., has good inlet smoothness, and the feeding volume reaches 4.5kg/s; 2500mm ultra wide cutting width, faster retraction, equipped with high-strength material chassis, wider, higher and more stable; Unique patented technology of anti grass entanglement of ultra wide conveyor trough, no blockage and no grass entanglement; Lengthened and widened double-layer reciprocating cleaning screen, cleaner cleaning and lower loss rate; Low angle header, thickened galvanized spring steel reel teeth, durable, good lodging effect. The super large threshing drum, 1.2 cubic meters, said he Wenbo, chairman of Daliang China No. 5 Mining Co., Ltd., the warehouse is matched with 270 ° high-level hydraulic grain unloading, which reduces the times of grain unloading, shortens the time of grain unloading, and works more efficiently

pq45 is the only model product with full hydraulic drive in the same type of products in the domestic market launched by Zoomlion through careful research and development under the background of agricultural modernization, which directly brings users a value-added experience and is praised as the "king of rice harvester" in the industry

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