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Zoomlion: "science and technology show" shines brightly to lead the green future

Zoomlion: "science and technology show" shines brightly to lead the green future

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-- an exclusive interview with Shi Weizhi, head of the global marketing department of Zoomlion Co., Ltd.

recently, the four-day 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition came to a successful conclusion. As a well-known enterprise of China's construction machinery, Zoomlion exhibited 27 industry-leading products in six categories. "Three bridge 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck, two in one system solution, t-3000 the world's largest flat head tower crane, the world's first renewable water washing and sweeping car" and other products that fully integrate and embody the concept of "green smart manufacturing" have all appeared on the stage, setting off a green trend of "Zoomlion smart manufacturing" at this BMW exhibition

while demonstrating the strength of scientific and technological innovation to the world, the company also obtained a market order of 50million yuan for equipment sales. At the exhibition site, Mr. Shi Weizhi, head of the global marketing department of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with China Construction Machinery Information () (hereinafter referred to as 6300)

made a good start on the first day with 50million orders

6300: Hello, president Shi, it's a great honor to interview you! What is the overall situation of Zoomlion's participation in this BMW exhibition

president Shi: at this exhibition, all the cutting-edge technology products of the global construction machinery industry were unveiled. As one of the leading enterprises in the industry, Zoomlion, which focuses on "green, reliable and intelligent", has become the focus of global customers at the exhibition site. These products exhibited by Zoomlion this time are typical representative products of Zoomlion's scientific and technological innovation in the two years since the last BMW exhibition

on the opening day of BMW exhibition, Zoomlion signed a large sales order of "machine-made sand + dry mixed mortar" equipment with an enterprise in Hangzhou worth 50million yuan, which made the exhibition a "good start". The "machine-made sand + dry mixed mortar two in one system solution" is a typical representative leading the green transformation of the industry. It redefines the production mode of building materials, replaces river sand with machine-made sand, eliminates the drying link, greatly reduces the investment and production cost of commercial mixing and dry mixing, and represents the development direction of the concrete industry in the future. Previously, the system solution has been successfully implemented in Sichuan Meishan Xin command company, and has become a model project of circular economy in Southwest China

Zoomlion has always adhered to the concept of "honesty" in technological innovation, and meticulously equipped our experimental machine with the world's top scientific and technological achievements. It is an indispensable frontier product of important testing instruments, constantly meeting the needs of customers and creating greater market value for customers

the sharp sword comes out of the scabbard, and star products lead the green future

6300: can you talk specifically about which new products are displayed at the Shanghai BMW exhibition this time? What are the main advantages and highlights

Mr. Shi: Zoomlion demonstrated more than 20 industry-leading products, including the 56m carbon fiber boom pump truck of the third bridge, and the rx2740sf high-speed variable-frequency construction elevator integrated with European technology after the acquisition of Dutch radar

the three bridge 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck with "carbon fiber composite boom and lightweight technology" as the core highlight - zl (2) dig a pit down the installation position of the experimental machine. J5331thbb5xx-6rzh is an epitome of Zoomlion's "material reform" achievements

with the world's leading R & D capability, after the 80 meter pump truck and the 101 meter pump truck, the longest boom pump truck with three axle chassis in the world - the 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck with three axle chassis is launched, which once again sets a new world record and leads the development of pump trucks in the industry

this pump truck adopts a Mercedes Benz chassis with full horsepower and strong bearing capacity, and is equipped with a 180 square large volume pumping system, which is more efficient than its peers. The maximum distribution height of the three axle pump truck is 56 meters, which is meters higher than that of similar products of the three axle pump truck in the current market. It has both the good trafficability of the three axle chassis pump truck and the distribution height of the four axle chassis. The pump truck has a wider range of construction site adaptability. At the same time, a more efficient distribution system is adopted to intelligently adjust the pressure. The speed of the distribution system is increased by 10% and the driving capacity is increased by 30%. The adaptive variable power technology is adopted to adjust the power according to the concrete material conditions and working conditions, so that the engine can always work at the best load rate, greatly reducing the fuel consumption and improving the operation economy. It is commendable that the pump truck adopts the unique intelligent bionic 6-arm patented technology of Zoomlion, which effectively reduces the dead corners of the cloth, is simple and convenient, moves smoothly, and has high positioning accuracy

in fact, Zoomlion zlj533 pump truck with a speed of about 0.01~500mm/min, 1thb 56x-6rz, once unveiled at BMW 2014, has attracted many customers to consult and purchase. As a star product that can effectively bring benefits and create value for customers, this pump truck is bound to become a powerful tool for customers to make profits in the increasingly competitive concrete pumping market

cooperation blends, blooms, and has a diversified development trend, such as Changhong

6300: as a grand event in China's construction machinery industry, the annual BMW exhibition attracts the high attention of China's construction machinery enterprises and related industrial chains, which is the first choice for buying pull machines. What is the focus of Zoomlion's exhibition at this BMW exhibition, and what is the uniqueness of its early planning

Mr. Shi: it can be said that BMW exhibition is one of our roads to overseas, and it is also a platform for us to show Zoomlion's strong technical strength to domestic customers. The focus of Zoomlion's exhibition this time is still around "green technology". Zoomlion's science and technology show at BMW exhibition should show the strength of the muscle of science and technology, and then interpret the connotation of science and technology around the three directions of "green, reliable and intelligent" to embody Zoomlion's science and technology culture. This BMW exhibition is a centralized report on the achievements of Zoomlion's green strategic layout

with the implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, it brings new opportunities for many high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, including Zoomlion, to go out better and faster. Through the acquisition of Italian CIFA, German m-TEC, Dutch raxtar and other enterprises, and the purchase of the full set of technologies of German Jost flat Tower series products, Zoomlion has quickly reserved a number of world-class technologies and mature R & D personnel. It is through the establishment of R & D bases in Europe and the United States and the integration of R & D personnel at home and abroad that Zoomlion quickly reached the world-class level in technology research and development, and fused to produce a number of industry-leading innovative products, which made it shine at this BMW exhibition

in August this year, Zoomlion Heavy Industry acquired 60% shares of Chery heavy industry, which also marks that the former Chery's Dikai forklift, including agricultural machinery, is also included in the territory of Zoomlion. At this exhibition, Zoomlion Heavy Industry vehicles Co., Ltd. appeared with its latest four forklift products, which attracted the attention of host and accessory enterprises and industry customers. The integration of Zoomlion and Chery is one of the important measures for Zoomlion to achieve diversified development and resist the "winter" of the construction machinery industry. With the advantages of Zoomlion's mature resource platform, we are committed to promoting efficient, green and environmental friendly Zoomlion forklift products to every corner of the world

notes: Premier Li Keqiang stressed in this year's government work report that innovation should be placed at the core of the overall national development situation, promote the close integration of science and technology with economic and social development, promote China's industry to the high-end of the global value chain, and make Chinese equipment famous all over the world. The development practice of Zoomlion's imperial examination of the power of global technology to make sincere products undoubtedly provides a reference sample for China's equipment manufacturing industry to enjoy global reputation. After nearly a decade of exploration, sedimentation and running in, driven by the implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, Zoomlion has been ready to compete with industry international giants in its home market in the next few years. Let's wait and see

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