The hottest Zoomlion Valley king is coming, which

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Zoomlion Valley king is here, so grandma can harvest full happiness. Everyone can rest assured to understand

Zoomlion Valley king is coming, which makes grandma full of happiness

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on June 7, after the rain, the wheat in Tianji village, huodian Township, Xiayi County, Shangqiu City was already ripe for harvest. It should be a good time to rush to harvest, but Grandma ban Yuelan is over 60 years old this year. Her son and daughter-in-law go out to work, and the more than 4 mu of wheat at home has not been harvested yet. Today, the 18-year-old granddaughter is in the college entrance examination. When she walks into the examination room, she is still thinking about the uncollected wheat at home

Zoomlion Valley king is here

early in the morning, Zoomlion's "public benefit harvest team 1" came to Tianji village to harvest wheat for free for 56 local users in need. Granny Ban's wheat soon returned to the warehouse

the grains returned to the warehouse

when the wheat grains poured down, grandma ban showed a bright smile, and her hanging heart was also released. "Don't worry, kid, have a good test! The valley King harvest team has come to harvest wheat for free!", During the break of the college entrance examination at noon, grandma ban excitedly called this for her granddaughter

let the milk national higher education instrument and equipment exhibition open in Langfang, Hebei. The milk harvest can be effectively implemented and full of happiness.

with the rumbling sound of operation, Zoomlion's "public welfare harvest team 1" will follow the footsteps of Sanxia, continue to go north, and send practical care to more people who need help at low prices

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