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Zoomlion successfully moved into Weinan high tech Zone and began to develop by leaps and bounds

Zoomlion successfully moved into Weinan high tech Zone and began to develop by leaps and bounds

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Guide: not long ago, the State Council officially approved the promotion of Weinan high tech Zone to a national high-tech development zone. To sum up, Weinan high tech Zone should use absorbent gauze dipped in the mixture of absolute ethanol and absolute ether to gently wipe and clean the earliest High-tech Development Zone in Shaanxi. In 1988, when the development zone was still a little-known new term, it had taken root in the western suburbs of Weinan

Not long ago, the State Council officially approved the promotion of Weinan high tech Zone to a national high tech Development Zone

in a word, Weinan high tech Zone should be the earliest High-tech Development Zone in Shaanxi. In 1988, when "development zone" was still a little-known new term, it had taken root and settled in the western suburbs of Weinan. Just as most new things inevitably lag or get confused in the process of "feeling the stone to cross the river", Weinan high tech Zone has failed to achieve the expected glory in the first 10 years. Both industrial scale and technological content are hovering at a low level

it was truly reborn and began in 2002

this year, the Weinan municipal Party committee and government issued a "decision on accelerating the development of Weinan high tech industrial development pilot zone", with the strength of the whole city, carried out an all-round reform of the system and mechanism of Weinan high tech Zone, and carried out a vigorous "Second Entrepreneurship". This is a reform in which the nirvana type new material industry development system has been basically completed, which has coldly subverted the previous development model. We have abandoned the past industrial development idea of "large and comprehensive, small and comprehensive", jumped out of the traditional concept of "everything we find is vegetables", raised the threshold, re established the image of "high-tech", made an article on "high-tech", strengthened the construction of innovation capacity, and accelerated the agglomeration of leading industries. We will exclude all non high-tech projects of "three high and one low", and focus on attracting projects and enterprises with high scientific and technological content, large investment scale and strong driving effect, so as to make Weinan high-tech zone a real gathering place of high-tech industries. According to the key industries and characteristic industries, they have implemented the development mode of "one zone and multiple parks" in the high-tech zone, and set up six parks, including equipment manufacturing, fine chemicals, new energy, modern medicine, agricultural processing and vocational education. With planning as the leading factor, the park as the carrier, and the project as the support, relying on the leading industries in the area, the supporting projects of enterprises introducing and connecting the upstream and downstream industrial chains will soon form an industrial agglomeration effect in the park. The six parks have gathered a large number of major projects with high industrial level and good extension and supporting facilities, forming three industrial bases of equipment manufacturing, fine chemicals and high-tech. Among them, fine chemicals, including Weihe coal chemical group and Jinmo technology company, two national well-known enterprises; Equipment manufacturing is led by Zoomlion and Beiren Printing machine, one is the "leader" in China's engineering machinery field, and the other is the "big man" in the printing machinery industry. Under their leadership, there are also higher requirements for valve technology and quality. Eight machinery manufacturing enterprises, including the nationally famous Huajun engineering machinery, lanli machinery manufacturing, and Alde engineering machinery, have successively settled in Weinan high tech Zone, Weinan high tech Zone will soon show its edge in the national machinery manufacturing industry; High tech industry cluster, represented by Haitai electronics, various R & D centers have been built one after another, and new products are emerging one after another

as the management organization of the high-tech zone, the Management Committee of the high-tech zone has created thinking, changed management into service, insisted on taking investors as the center, made every effort to provide services, and actively created a first-class investment environment for investors. In the case of financial constraints, we should raise funds from multiple sources to constantly improve the city's functions and improve the city's taste. It has invested 600million yuan to strengthen the construction of roads, water supply and drainage, lighting, greening and other infrastructure, and expanded and completed the urban framework of "four vertical, five horizontal and one green ring". High starting point planning and large investment have greatly improved the hardware of Weinan high tech Zone. In terms of software construction, we made every effort to create a business environment in which "the government is not everywhere", actively fulfilled the service commitment of "one door acceptance, whole process service and limited delivery", refined 143 service contents, provided investors with round the clock, personalized and considerate services, and comprehensively optimized the investment environment. While improving the environment, they adopted the method of "go out, please come in" to increase the intensity of investment attraction. Over the past eight years, the region has attracted 116 large-scale enterprises and projects, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan

while the industrial scale continues to expand, Weinan high tech Zone self pressurizes, requires itself in advance according to the standards of national high tech zones, and pays full attention to the "endogenous" drive. In the District, the scientific and technological service systems such as productivity promotion center, entrepreneurship service center, scientific and Technological Talent Exchange Center, industry university research demonstration base and public technological innovation service platform have been built and improved. A total of 112 scientific and technological innovation enterprises have been incubated, more than 30 returned overseas students and doctors have been introduced, 28 enterprises have been established, and more than 50 industry university research projects have been implemented. Focusing on characteristic industries, it closely connects the advantageous scientific and technological resources of Guanzhong Tianshui Economic Zone, strengthens the construction of scientific and technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, and has established a number of professional and comprehensive provincial engineering technology research centers, such as gravure printing machinery, earthwork, coal chemical industry, etc. At the same time, the construction of a national molybdenum product quality supervision and inspection center and a pilot base for molybdenum chemical products have also been launched to create a "China molybdenum Valley" that integrates R & D, pilot test, production and identification, is large-scale, and controls the technological dominance of the world's Molybdenum Industry. According to statistics, by the end of 2009, Weinan high tech Zone has reported 143 science and technology projects, of which 8 products have won the titles of "national key products" and "national user satisfaction products"

in the first 10 years since the establishment of Weinan high tech Zone, only Weihe coal chemical industry group can really be called a large-scale enterprise, which can be described as "a seedling in 10 mu of land". In this short eight years, more than 100 enterprises have been introduced, including more than 30 key enterprises with an investment scale of more than 1billion yuan. Thus, Weinan high tech Zone has become a real high-tech industrial zone. The entry of these enterprises and projects has suddenly expanded the economic strength of Weinan high tech Zone. Since the "Second Entrepreneurship", the main economic indicators of the region have maintained a growth rate of 35% for eight consecutive years, and the total economic volume has quadrupled in 10 years, becoming one of the fastest growing regions in the Northwest China. In 2009, the total operating income of the whole district reached 18billion yuan, the total industrial output value reached 14.3 billion yuan, and the total economic output accounted for more than 25% of Weinan City. It is known as a banner for the development of provincial-level high-tech zones in Northwest China

back then, the planned area of Weinan high tech Zone was only 14 square kilometers, but today, its planned control area has expanded to 31 square kilometers. The small town with a gloomy face in those days has become a "modern" Urban New Area in Weinan. When facing the future and the 12th Five Year Plan, the high-tech zone, known as the "strategic highland of national inland economic development and opening up", has their ambition to break through 50billion yuan in total operating revenue, and truly become the gateway and the first development engine of the strategic highland in Guanzhong

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