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Introduction to "Zoomlion" building an international construction machinery industry

interview with Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion group. From the phenomenon of Zoomlion, we can see the road of reform and development of China's state-owned enterprises. In the past decade, China's construction machinery industry has made rapid progress, and state-owned and private heavy industry enterprises such as XCMG technology, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and Sany Heavy Industry have risen one after another, blocking caterpillar, wal

a series of reports on the reform and development of China's state-owned enterprises from the "Zoomlion phenomenon"

in the past decade, China's construction machinery industry has made great progress. State owned and private heavy industry enterprises such as XCMG technology, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and Sany Heavy Industry have risen one after another, blocking international heavy industry giants such as Caterpillar and Volvo, quickly breaking the monopoly of foreign brands, showing a strong late mover advantage. In the first half of 2004, 15 construction machinery manufacturing enterprises achieved a main business income of 18.047 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.46%, and realized a net profit of 1.292 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.62%

Zoomlion group is a rising star of China's state-owned heavy industry enterprise, which started with a loan of only 500000 yuan. It was incubated by Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute and became a listed company with eight major brands, including bid winning industry, Puyuan group and Zhongke Beidou. Now it has considerable scale and strength and has become a leader in China's construction machinery industry. People in the market pointed out that in the fierce market competition of international heavy industry giants competing for "cake", the remarkable performance and rapid expansion of Zoomlion group can be called a "Zoomlion phenomenon"

since April this year, a new round of macro-control policies with the main goal of curbing "overheated investment" have led to the first sharp decline in the market of China's construction machinery industry in a decade. In the first half of the year, Zoomlion group achieved a net profit of 253million yuan, an increase of 148.23% year-on-year. Recently, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion group, revealed in an exclusive interview with China economic times that Zoomlion group would take this macro-control as an opportunity to make major adjustments in human resources and industrial structure, and build Zoomlion group into an international construction machinery industry cluster in the near future

China Economic Times: it is said that you are an entrepreneur who doesn't like publicity, but your dream is to build Zoomlion group into an international construction machinery industry cluster. How far is the reality of Zoomlion group from your dream? Can it be achieved

Zhan Chunxin: everyone has his own dream. My dream is to build Zoomlion group into an international construction machinery industry cluster and an "aircraft carrier" leading China's construction machinery industry. Zoomlion, founded in 1992 with a loan of 500000 yuan, is a new high-tech listed company incubated on the basis of Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute. It was listed and issued in October 2000, with a total share capital of 390million and total assets of more than 1.5 billion yuan

from 1993 to 2002, the average annual profit of enterprises increased by more than 60%, and the average annual output value increased by more than 70%. In 2003, Zoomlion was rated as "one of the most growing listed companies in China in 2003". In 2004, Zoomlion was rated as the first camp of China's construction machinery industry brand by the domestic industry media, and won the honorary title of "China's top 50 most developmental listed companies" with excellent performance. It was incorporated into the constituent stocks of Shenzhen Stock Exchange 100 index, becoming the "weathervane" of China's stock market, and also becoming the only listed company in the construction machinery industry among the top 50 listed companies in China

at present, the rise of Zoomlion is getting closer and closer to my dream, but Zoomlion group still has a certain distance from the international construction machinery industry group. Comparing China's construction machinery industry with the world's first-class industrial power, first, China's industrial foundation is poor, the technical level is low, the industrial history is short, and the specialized division of labor is not strong. Second, China's skilled workers' quality and technological level are generally very low, and the labor efficiency is also very low, These factors have seriously hindered Zoomlion group and even China's construction machinery industry from becoming a world manufacturing center. Take caterpillar, the leader of the international construction machinery industry, for example. Its annual sales have reached 20 billion US dollars for several consecutive years, about more than 180 billion yuan, while the sales of China's entire construction machinery industry last year was nearly 100 billion yuan, which is 1/2 of that of caterpillar. Compared with caterpillar, Chinese enterprises are far from it. Because this set of deformation units has a single chip as the core, but everyone wants to be the leader, Everyone wants to be China's caterpillar, and Zoomlion also wants to be China's caterpillar. At present, with the deepening of the market economy and China's accession to the WTO, the gap between Chinese and foreign enterprises will gradually narrow after China's economy is integrated into global integration. If domestic enterprises form scale advantages and integrate into industrial clusters and high-tech multinational groups, they will surpass foreign companies

China Economic Times: how will you build Zoomlion group into an international construction machinery industry cluster

Zhan Chunxin: at present, Zoomlion has been involved in industrial manufacturing industry, emerging leasing industry, satellite navigation electronic equipment, real estate development and other industries. The product fields cover concrete construction machinery, high-grade highway construction machinery, high-grade highway maintenance equipment, environmental protection machinery, precision machine tools and saw belts. Zoomlion will build an international construction machinery industry cluster through the "nuclear fission" strategy. The so-called "nuclear fission" refers to taking "Zoomlion group" as the core and product groups to split a number of professional companies with shares of similar international famous brands from the group, forming a number of "sub cores" with internationally renowned brands around "Zoomlion group", building a collection of international construction machinery products, and completing the first round of "nuclear" fission. Each "sub core" can undergo the same "nuclear" fission reaction again, forming a number of supporting manufacturers around it to complete the second fission. The continuous chain "nuclear" fission reaction will build Zoomlion into an international construction machinery industry cluster

last year, Zoomlion and Puyuan realized reorganization and merger, and this year, Changde Guanxi Industrial Park was listed, so that the strategic objectives of "five parks, seven production bases" of Zoomlion and building the largest construction machinery manufacturing base in Asia are being gradually realized, which is also the most important step of "nuclear" fission. By giving full play to the three major advantages of technology, market and capital, we unite with the backbone enterprises in the domestic industry, integrate resources, optimize allocation, participate in international competition, and strive to build a cross industry and cross-border modern high-tech industrial group with Zoomlion Heavy Industry as the core in the future

China Economic Times: what impact has macro-control brought to China's construction machinery industry

Zhan Chunxin: This macro-control has depressed the whole machinery industry. The growth rate of production and sales of construction machinery has decreased significantly since May. The total industrial output value in June decreased by 1.5 billion yuan from May, a decrease of 25%. The inventory of finished products increased by 60.86% in June, and this trend is still not slowing down. Moreover, macro-control has reduced the cash flow and solvency of listed companies, and enterprises investing in expansion of production are short of funds, high investment costs, overcapacity and other comprehensive sequelae. Due to the large-scale urban construction, the shortage trend of energy and raw materials, the rapid growth of private investment and the construction of transportation roads, although the second half of this year is bearish, the demand for construction machinery will actively rebound next year

in addition, the macro-control policy will greatly accelerate the adjustment and integration process of industrial structure, which is a good development opportunity for powerful enterprises like Zoomlion. Zoomlion group should take this opportunity to accelerate the pace of building an international construction machinery industry cluster. We describe the overall strategic goal of Zoomlion as: to further consolidate and expand the market share of construction machinery, expand the military product market, develop the real estate market, enter the financial service market in five years, focus on the core competitiveness, take the path of sustainable diversification, and build Zoomlion into a domestic first-class construction machinery group company, with a sales revenue of 12billion yuan in 2007, Strive to become an internationally famous company in about five years

China Economic Times: what countermeasures has Zoomlion group taken in response to this macro-control? How to break through

Zhan Chunxin: although it has been affected by macro-control to varying degrees, and there is still a huge gap compared with the international advanced level, this macro-control has given Zoomlion group time to calm down and carry out product structure adjustment and industrial integration, so as to achieve the goal of "self victory". We should take this regulation as an opportunity to integrate the product structure, market network, after-sales service and other aspects, lay a solid foundation, so as to meet the new opportunities and challenges of economic development, and make all-round adjustments within the company, such as business planning, organizational reform, and optimization of human resources, so as to adapt to environmental changes, turn passivity into initiative, and change the challenge of survival into transcendental treatment, and strive to achieve a qualitative improvement in the basis of enterprise development

in view of the current macro-control, we began to implement the "last elimination system" formulated at the beginning of the year and adjust the positions of employees. It is expected that the gross profit of concrete machinery will also decline, and the arrears in the construction industry may become a great difficulty for the follow-up development of Zoomlion. However, in recent years, Zoomlion has seized the opportunity to implement the low-cost merger and expansion strategy, and achieved remarkable results that the 10 prefix will automatically stop when it breaks. At present, from the world's longest bridge - Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge to the construction site of Lingjiang MINGTING, the tallest building built in Ningbo, with a height of 52 floors, Zoomlion concrete equipment has become the main product of the project. At the end of July, Changsha Zhonglian Haiqiang Concrete Co., Ltd., a professional commercial concrete enterprise with the largest scale, the strongest equipment production capacity and the most complete supporting facilities in central and southern China, was jointly established by Beifang company under Zhonglian group and Beijing Haiqiang Hongli company

through mergers and acquisitions over the past year, Zoomlion group has basically formed a strategic scale of "five parks and seven bases". The business vision of Zoomlion group - to build an international construction machinery manufacturing cluster center and the development vision of Puyuan company - to establish the strong position in the field of China's truck crane manufacturing can be unified under the banner of Zoomlion group. It can be said that the strong cooperation between Puyuan and Zoomlion group has made Zoomlion group take a successful step towards the strategic goal of internationalization

China Economic Times: how can Zoomlion group build an international construction machinery industry cluster

Zhan Chunxin: relying on core competitiveness. I believe that core competitiveness is the basis of enterprise expansion. Only based on core competitiveness can all expansion be sustainable. At the same time, the core competitiveness is the key for Zoomlion to build an international construction machinery industry cluster. The core competitiveness of Zoomlion is mainly reflected in four aspects: core R & D ability, core sales ability, senior leadership decision-making ability and influence, and the initially established characteristic enterprise culture. Zoomlion will realize its low-cost expansion strategy by virtue of its four core competitiveness

in 2001, Zoomlion acquired the British baolujie company as a whole, which brought the progress of Trenchless Technology in China at least 20 years ahead of schedule, and established an international market and technology in Europe

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