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Zoomlion tower crane assisted in the construction of "Chongqing No.1 High Bridge"

Zoomlion tower crane assisted in the construction of "Chongqing No.1 High Bridge"

2017 - the insole material is polycarbonate China Construction machinery information

recently, the construction of the Sunxi River Super Large Bridge, known as "Chongqing No.1 High Bridge", coupled with complex synthesis methods and processes, is being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. Zoomlion's two newly painted tower cranes participated in the construction, It is appreciated by customers for its excellent product performance

as the key control project of Jiangxi expressway, the Sunxi River Bridge is the first Warren steel truss orthotropic plate girder in Chongqing, and it is also a typical super-high pier, long-span, super long mountain expressway bridge. The total length of the bridge is 1578 meters. The main bridge is a gravity anchored steel truss suspension bridge, with a main span of 660 meters, a cable tower height of about 200 meters, and a bridge deck height of about 280 meters from the river valley. After completion, it will become the new "Tallest Bridge" in Chongqing

according to the person in charge of the bridge contractor, the two new coating tower cranes of Zoomlion are responsible for the construction of the most critical part of the construction of the Bamboo Creek River Bridge project, namely, the construction of the main tower and anchor. Among them, the main tower is 220 meters high from the ground, equivalent to the height of a 70 story building

the two tower cranes "entrusted" by Zoomlion are TC tower crane and TC tower crane respectively. TC tower crane is mainly responsible for the construction of the main tower. TC is responsible for the construction of anchors at the initial stage of the project construction, and then moved to the middle of the main tower. The two tower cranes "work together" to further improve the construction efficiency and greatly reduce the construction time. It is reported that the main tower of the Sunxi River Bridge is capped 55 days ahead of the planned construction period

stable operation, reliable performance and intelligent reminder not only make equipment management easier, but also ensure project construction. "Zoomlion tower crane has high safety and reliability, easy and convenient management, which provides strong support for the early capping of the main tower of the bridge." The person in charge said

it is understood that the Sunxi River Bridge is expected to be completed by the end of this year. At that time, the two tower cranes will be transferred to the next project to continue to complete their mission with excellent performance

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