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Zoomlion two in one machine-made sand production line opens the Hebei market

Zoomlion two in one machine-made sand production line opens the Hebei market

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recently, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully signed a two in one machine-made sand production line tailored for a customer in Handan. The signing of the project will not only declare that Zoomlion machine-made sand production line has successfully opened the Hebei market, but also effectively promote mining enterprises to establish a new model of waste recycling, comprehensive treatment and circular economy, and lead more mining enterprises to build "green mines"

in the process of mining iron ore, the customer has accumulated tens of millions of tons of tailings and waste rocks, and the mountains of waste rocks are nowhere to be discharged. Not only does it not benefit from the park bench method made of recycled carbon fiber reinforced resin composites by CRTC in the United States, but also takes up a large number of soil ring stiffness testing machines to use local resources and cause environmental pollution. This is not only an urgent problem for the customer, but also an unavoidable problem for national mining enterprises

engineers of Zoomlion found that the waste rock of the mine is a good raw material for making machine-made sand and stone, which can be directly used without crushing. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, the machine-made sand R & D team of Zoomlion concrete machinery company has customized the "green mine" scheme for it. The first phase plan is mainly to build a waste stone crushing line and two building type high-quality aggregate production lines. The construction sand and stone produced by Zoomlion aggregate production line has the characteristics of reasonable collocation, excellent quality, clean environment, green and efficient. Compared with the stones on the market, it has better particle shape and reasonable gradation, and has great advantages in the field of high-rise building engineering that cannot use natural sand. At the same time, machine-made sand and stone make full use of waste resources, save drying process, reduce costs, and machine-made sand products can also be directly used in dry mixed mortar products. Dry mixed mortar products using machine-made sand have the advantages of excellent quality, good construction performance, complete types of product data correction, and can meet the needs of different projects. Therefore, high-quality environmental protection materials have obvious social benefits. Through the trial operation of Zoomlion machine-made gravel equipment, Handan customers have transformed the original waste gravel materials into a valuable resource to create wealth

the customer said that based on the good performance of Zoomlion machine-made sand production line, after the completion of the production line of environmental protection new building materials in phase I project, it will continue to cooperate with Zoomlion in other projects

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