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Zoomlion vertical compression waste transfer station unveiled in Xinjiang

Zoomlion vertical compression waste transfer station unveiled new the company was founded by Dutch inventor Boyan Slater

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recently, the new vertical compression waste transfer station launched by Zoomlion environmental industry company was put into use in Urumqi, Xinjiang for the first time, and was praised by the municipal department

yjc400b vertical compression waste transfer station put into use this time is a brand-new station product developed by the environmental industry company. Its advantages are: compact structure, economic and practical, green automatic collection, corresponding experimental force, environmental protection and low energy consumption; Second, the products are highly targeted, mainly for the loading conditions of small and medium-sized motor vehicles, especially for the compression and volume reduction of domestic waste and solid waste, and can realize the dust-free and overflow free transfer of solid waste in short and medium distance

after the waste transfer station was officially put into use, local media came to the scene to interview. Zhangzehua, the head of the after-sales service station of Beijiang branch of environmental industry company, explained to the visiting Xinjiang TV station while demonstrating the equipment operation: "this is the first vertical compression waste transfer station put into use by Zoomlion in Urumqi, Xinjiang. It has the functions of dehydration, dust removal and deodorization. The maximum daily waste treatment capacity can reach 100 tons, and the treatment capacity is more than 3 times that of ordinary small and medium-sized waste transfer stations." When the media asked about the composition and specific operation process of the waste transfer station, Zhang Zehua said, "the whole transfer station is mainly composed of compressor, compression box, hydraulic electric control device, loading box, lifting hoist and other components. When the waste is poured into the loading box, compressed into 4 cubic waste blocks and pushed to the waste transfer vehicle, it can be directly transferred to the landfill. It is fast, convenient, and has very little environmental pollution."

Suolin, head of the municipal facilities management station in Shuimogou District, Urumqi, also introduced to the media: "The yjc400b vertical compression waste transfer station provided by Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. covers a small area and has high one-time waste dehydration efficiency. 1. The pulley on the toothed rod and its track are excessively dusty and rusted, which can effectively reduce the number of waste transfer and save financial costs. At the same time, waste compression and transfer can be impacted by a semi-circular ball punch at a certain impact speed and break through the seal of the sample path, and there is no waste overflow in the whole process There is no odor and dust during the operation, which can ensure that it will not affect the urban environment. "

it is reported that Urumqi currently produces about 3000 tons of domestic waste per day, and the number of existing garbage stations in the main urban area cannot meet the actual demand. The successful delivery of Zoomlion's products has not only solved the living problems for local residents with excellent quality and efficient services, but also laid a solid foundation for the company to expand the layout of garbage station products in Urumqi

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