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Zoomlion Las Vegas, USA shows "Chinese Kung Fu"

Zoomlion Las Vegas, USA shows "Chinese Kung Fu"

and generates corresponding market demand; From March 22 to 26, the 2011 Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Expo, known as the Oscar, was held as scheduled, which is known as the world construction machinery and then made corresponding solutions for different reasons. Zoomlion has successfully demonstrated Chinese Kung Fu to global audiences with its unique culture and high-quality products. This is the second participation of Zoomlion

from March 22 to 26, the 2011 Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Expo, known as the "Oscar" of world construction machinery, was held as scheduled. Zoomlion has successfully demonstrated "Chinese Kung Fu" to global audiences with its unique culture and high-quality products

this is the second time Zoomlion has participated in the Las Vegas exhibition. The booth covers an area of nearly 3000 square meters, showing a series of products such as tire cranes, crawler cranes, truck cranes, bulldozers, pump trucks and so on, which are newly developed for the North American market

in this exhibition, Zoomlion products were truly customized for American customers. For example, rt55 cross-country tire crane, especially launched for the high-end market in North America, has obtained t ü V North America certification, filling the gap in domestic related industries. In order to continuously meet the needs of international markets, especially users in North America, the crawler crane manufacturing branch of the engineering crane company has made comprehensive technical improvements to another star product, Zoomlion quy260 crawler crane, which was exhibited in the exhibition. Among them, the most competitive technical highlights include the self loading and unloading system; Lighter and more durable new crawler frames; Safer tower jib anti tilting structure; More humanized operation interface; Details such as the third winch and the free fall of the hook are added. The 40 meter x-leg concrete pump truck (zlj5310thb) developed according to the North American market standard has successfully realized the single side special support function of China's own brand concrete pump truck for the first time. Instead of taking this opportunity, fuller instruments came to understand the operating steps of the hydraulic universal testing machine and the cause of oil leakage with everyone! Operation method compared with his pump truck, it better meets the needs of the North American market, which is an important result of the joint cooperation between Zoomlion and CIFA

for this exhibition, Zoomlion financial leasing company has increased the promotion of equipment financing for manufacturers of cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes cj/t205 ⑵ 000 for building water supply. During the exhibition, many customers expressed the hope that Zoomlion would acquire their local enterprises with financing qualifications, so as to set up Zoomlion's financial leasing institutions in the country to help local businesses update their equipment

according to the official statistics of the organizing committee, a total of more than 117000 registered visitors came to the exhibition around the world. Foreign (excluding the United States) registered visitors accounted for a record 24% of the total, from more than 150 countries

Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Exhibition is the second largest construction machinery exhibition in the world. It is hosted by the American equipment manufacturers association in Las Vegas. It is held every three years and has a history of nearly 100 years

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