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Zoomlion's "South Asia Version" 75 ton truck crane departs from India

Zoomlion's "South Asia Version" 75 ton truck crane departs from India

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Zoomlion independently developed the 75 ton truck wheel crane "qy75v", which was specially developed for the needs of the South Asian market, and was again favored by India. On March 13, reliance group of India purchased 50 qy75v from India. It is reported that this batch of products with a total value of nearly 80million yuan is the largest export order of Zoomlion in the new year

Su min, deputy general manager of the company, said, "qy75v" is a truck crane specially developed for the lifting operation requirements of the South Asian market. It has passed the most rigorous driving and operation reliability assessment simulating the special operating conditions and operating environment in South Asia, and its reliability has reached the international advanced level. This model has a market share of more than 80% in India's 70 ton truck crane market

"qy75v" has carried out the temperature force planning and structural optimization design required by the requirements of this level of truck crane to keep the instrument clean, complete parts and accessories, and safe lifting energy. The heater is started to keep the water in the water tank. Its low-cost and convenient loading and unloading auxiliary weight can increase the coverage of working conditions; The patented technology of arbitrary telescopic boom can improve the operation efficiency; The hydraulic control first come system with Linde variable pump and variable motor as the core, and its unique control technologies such as load feedback, split and merge flow, valve back compensation, self weight luffing, can ensure excellent operation speed, smooth action and micro movement, and realize the "follow your heart" of each operation action

in recent years, Zoomlion's overseas business has achieved rapid growth. At present, the company has established sales and service platforms in nearly 80 countries and branches in more than 40 countries. The auxiliary machines of plastic covered extrusion units mainly include paying off device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meter counter, spark tester and take-up device. "Within three to five years, the proportion of overseas market revenue will increase to 30% - 40%. We are ready to compete head-on with industry giants in the European and American markets." Zhang Jianguo, senior president of Zoomlion and general manager of overseas companies, said

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