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Zoomlion: seize the market with "high-end equipment manufacturing"

Zoomlion: seize the market with "high-end equipment manufacturing"

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recently, the "zl2104" tractor with the most horsepower developed by Zoomlion in conjunction with its North American R & D center appeared at the Hannover International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Germany, which was highly praised. Ren Huili, assistant to the president of Zoomlion Central Research Institute, said in an interview that the production of "zl2104" tractor marks the high-end of China's agricultural machinery and equipment

Zoomlion is a company that started with construction machinery manufacturing. However, facing the macro situation of slowing domestic demand growth and blocked exports, the profits of construction machinery manufacturing are also shrinking year by year. To this end, Zoomlion entered the field of environmental industry and agricultural machinery and equipment production. At present, Zoomlion Heavy Industry has changed from a single main business of construction machinery to a "carriage" of construction machinery, environmental protection industry, agricultural machinery and financial services. "Law enforcement inspection for the plastic bag market is a regular work industry development trend." P>

at the 2016 Spring Festival "good start" ceremony of the company, Zhanchunxin, the chairman of Zoomlion Heavy Industries, set a future development goal: "the two emerging sectors of the company, agricultural machinery and environmental industry, account for more than 35%, and have become new performance growth points. In the next two years, the agricultural machinery business will grow by 25% to 40% annually, and the environmental industry sector will also increase at an annual growth rate of 15%

Ren Huili introduced that over the past 20 years, the company has accumulated and cultivated a large number of industry common technologies. Despite the current "cold winter" in the industry, the company still insists on R & D investment and enhances common technologies and basic research. The application of these technologies to the environment and agricultural machinery manufacturing has greatly improved the product quality. "In fact, before the merger and acquisition of Chery heavy industry in the field of agricultural machinery, we had set up an agricultural machinery R & D center in North America to drive the radiation effect of regional economy, and introduced advanced agricultural machinery design concepts in North America to carry out the design and development of agricultural machinery. After the merger and acquisition, these R & D concepts were also shared by the international Amway branch. In the field of environmental protection, Italian nadule company, which was merged, has the best environmental protection technology, and we have high-end equipment design system Manufacturing technology, combining the two to jointly develop high-end environmental equipment. " Ren Huili said

these efforts have also accelerated the pace of innovation of Zoomlion. "In 2015, Zoomlion ranked first in the industry with 758 invention patents and sixth in the national industry, leading many new industries." Ren Huili said

"in addition to paying attention to technology, Zoomlion has not forgotten the importance of products." Ren Huili said, "we have launched the product 4.0 plan. Now we are mainly sorting out the product type spectrum, leaving products with high added value in the market, and reducing the adverse effects of too long type spectrum. At the same time, we are upgrading our products, and we will make our products the best in four aspects: technology, quality, cost and service, so that our products can lead the market."

"Zoomlion has also created its own Internet Mall. On November 11, 2015 alone, the company received millions of product orders. Our ultimate goal is to achieve products on the Internet, data on the cloud, and the market in the palm." Ren Huili said, "In 2016, Zoomlion will continue to promote the '2+2+4' strategy, that is, based on the two markets of products and capital, and promote the integration of manufacturing and Internet, industry and finance. These products enable home appliance brand manufacturers (OEMs) not only to meet the international safety standards for household and similar electrical appliances (en60335 ⑴) Strengthen the four sectors of construction machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and financial services, and create a global high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise. "

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