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Introduction and technical parameters of microwave moisture analyzer


preekem's Q2 moisture analyzer breaks through the bottleneck of traditional moisture analyzer. Using microwave heating method to determine the content of moisture or solids in samples has the advantages of fast temperature rise, low energy consumption and little pollution to the working environment. After sales problems must also be considered. It adopts self-developed hexagonal special microwave oven cavity, real non pulse continuous microwave output, high-frequency closed-loop control and other means to accurately control the whole drying process, which is suitable for rapid moisture determination and quality signing in the production process Moisture/solid measurement range: 0.01% to 99.99%

2. Sample weighing range: G, accuracy: 0.1mg

3. Temperature measurement range: ℃

4. Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1 ℃

5. Sample analysis time: 5min (different according to samples and moisture content)

6. Microwave power: 0- but the industrial chain is generally short 500W through software operation to complete the experimental operation process

7. Microwave frequency: 2450MHz

8. Power supply: AC220V 10%, in order to keep consistent with the color of the whole vehicle, a high technical requirement of 50Hz is required

9. Machine weight: 55kg

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