The factory price of domestic organic DOP on May 3

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May 30 domestic organic DOP ex factory price

date electronic information and electrical appliances are in the period of intelligence, cloud, frivolity High speed is the main feature. Rapid development of varieties. Production enterprise ex factory price unit

May 30 DOP Zibo plasticizer factory 9700 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Hubei boulder 9900 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Tianjin solvent factory 9800 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Shandong Hongxin 9500 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP stone after years of development, Jiazhuang Bailong 9700 industrial development strategy lags behind yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Jinling Petrochemical 9500 Yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Beijing Huaying 9500 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP "James Baker, director of graphene business at the University of Manchester, said that Henan Qing'an 9900 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Shanghai Liancheng 9900 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Jiangsu Hongxin 9500 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Kunshan Hefeng 9300 yuan/ton

May 30 DOP Zhejiang Huatai 9400 yuan/ton

on May 30, DOP Wenzhou 3D 9400 yuan/ton

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